bases balls

Sandlot ball

Sandlot ball is a North American adolescent game that generally follows the basic rules of baseball. More specific rules can be set for games and may vary each time the game is played. These rules are usually agreed upon before the game begins by teams of young boys or girls usually from the same neighborhood. The word sandlot refers to the makeshift field, which could be nothing more than an empty piece of land in the area composed of grass, dirt, or sand that is big enough to facilitate the game. Objects used in playing the game can be improvised to take the place of bases, balls, or bats if they are unavailable.

Although a variation of baseball is usually associated being played on a sandlot, other sports could occupy the field such as kickball or flag football.

Sandlot baseball is senior baseball played by teams unaffiliated with major league baseball teams. The system of major league teams and the minor league teams they own is often referred to as organized baseball.

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