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Bark at the Moon is a heavy metal album by Ozzy Osbourne, released on December 10, 1983. This album features former Mickey Ratt, Rough Cutt, and Dio guitarist Jake E. Lee.

Of all his solo albums only here is writing credited to Ozzy alone, although he states the title track was co-written with guitarist Jake E. Lee in the liner notes to The Ozzman Cometh. Daisley has stated that he co-wrote most of the music with Jake E. Lee and wrote the vast majority of the lyrics. Due to legal issues, neither Lee nor Daisley took credit for either of these. Bob Daisley has stated however that he sold the lyrics to Ozzy. This song Bark at the Moon is featured on the "V Rock" radio station in the video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.The song was featured in the game "Guitar Hero" and was put up for download on the Xbox Live Marketplace for the game "Guitar Hero 2".

Bark at the Moon was remastered in 1995 and again in 2002, although the 2002 re-issue was actually a remix of the album, not a remaster. Many fans were displeased with the remix, noting that some elements found in the original mix are not present in the remix, namely several lead guitar parts.

The American pressing of the album featured yellow and red writing for Ozzy's name and the album title, and featured the song "Slow Down", but not "Spiders in the Night". The British version featured blue and yellow writing on the cover, and contained "Spiders in the Night" but not "Slow Down". The album was reissued in America in 1995, including "Spiders in the Night" as a bonus track.

Track listing

Ozzy Osbourne is given sole credit for all the songwriting but it's been disputed that the bulk of the album was written by Bob Daisley and Jake E. Lee.

Side one

  1. "Bark at the Moon" - 4:17
  2. "You're No Different" - 5:49
  3. "Now You See It (Now You Don't)" - 5:10
  4. "Rock 'n' Roll Rebel" - 5:23

Side two

  1. "Centre of Eternity" - 5:15
  2. "So Tired" - 4:00
  3. "Slow Down" - 4:21
  4. "Waiting for Darkness" - 5:14

Bonus Track (2002 Remaster)

  1. "Spiders in the Night" - 4:31 (also on 1995 remaster)
  2. "One Up the "B" Side" - 3:25

On the original UK release (vinyl and cassette) "Slow Down" was replaced by "Spiders in the Night", retitled, simply, "Spiders". "Slow Down" would be released as a B-side.

The "Bark at the Moon" single gave Ozzy his first UK hit single and the band appeared on Top Of The Pops (miming 'live' in the studio). "So Tired" was also a successful single in the UK. During the filming of the latter Osbourne suffered injuries to his throat by glass from the exploding mirror.

The video "Bark at the Moon" features drummer Carmine Appice, although drums were played by Tommy Aldridge on the recordings.

Osbourne's make-up for the album cover, and the video for the title track, was by Rick Baker.


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