Cobra Video

Cobra Video is an American company specializing in the production of gay pornographic films.

History and methods

Since its establishment in 2001 by Bryan Kocis (Bryan Philips), Cobra has concentrated on the production of movies starring young twinks, exclusively in the 18-23 age category. Kocis has cast and directed all Cobra productions up to date (18 productions as of August 2005).

Initially, Cobra Video mainly showed young gay boys in solo performances, masturbating themselves to an orgasm. Cobra's first production, Ethan's College Buddies, is a typical example of this. Later, the studio moved to productions starring gay boys having oral and anal sex, both in couples and in larger groups.

The studio almost exclusively uses new models that have not worked for other studios before they joined Cobra. Cobra is often categorized as an amateur studio, due to its use of low-cost filming locations (such as hotel rooms or rental apartments), lack of famous porn star performers, and limited use of specific lighting or model styling. This "amateur" status appeals to Cobra's customers who are attracted to the great sense of reality.

Characteristics of Cobra Video sex scenes are: long camera shots, no dubbed music in the scenes, usage of natural sound, well-lit close ups of all cum shots, oral (facial) and anal cum shots, and the boys having bareback sex. The bareback aspect has given rise to controversy for Cobra Video, because the studio shows young boys having unprotected sex in the wake of rising HIV figures. The success of the studio shows there clearly is a large market for gay porn starring young twinks having bareback sex.

Almost all casting sessions done to test new models are released by the company in the Casting Couch product line.

In late 2004, Cobra released its first video starring a well known twink porn star, Canadian Brent Everett, performing together with some of the regular Cobra-exclusive boys (Bareboned Twinks). The pairing of Brent Everett and Cobra boy Brent Corrigan was hailed by many fans of the studio as a great scene. In 2005, the studio released another video starring both Brents.

Cobra Video has very successfully filled a market segment (ultra smooth, very young-looking twinks having bareback sex and clearly enjoying it a lot) that was previously uncovered by the large established gay porn studios.

Legal issues

In 2002, police found a videotape of Bryan Kocis, then 39, and a 15-year-old boy in his home. Kocis, owner/producer of Cobra Video and owner of a local adult video store, met the boy on the internet and transported him to his hometown. Kocis pled guilty to one count of Sexual Abuse of a Child. He was initially charged with child pornography and transportation of a minor for sexual purposes. Similar to the situation with Brent Corrigan, Kocis claimed as a defense that the teenage boy lied about his age.

In September 2005, Cobra's distributor, Pacific Sun Entertainment, abruptly pulled four of Cobra's most popular videos (Every Poolboy's Dream, Schoolboy Crush, Bareboned Twinks, (bareback sex) and Casting Couch 4) off the market after reports that one of the featured models (Brent Corrigan) was under the age of 18 when his scenes were filmed.

On April 12, 2006, Pacific Sun Entertainment, via an industry-wide email, urged its customers to remove all DVD and VHS copies of Cobra Video titles Campus Boys 1 and Campus Boys 2 from their shelves. "Under no circumstances should these titles be sold, rented or shipped to anyone," the email instructed. "They must be boxed, sealed, and stored at your facilities until further notice." No reason was given, but it is likely that these titles contain a possibly underage or undocumented performer.

New underage allegations, as well as Kocis' criminal history of possession of child pornography and sexual interaction with a minor, sheds more light on one of the most popular companies in the adult video industry.

Kocis death

On January 24, 2007, Bryan Kocis was found dead in his Dallas Township, Pennsylvania home. According to the Luzerne County coroner investigating the death, Kocis was stabbed 28 times and his throat was cut, then his body left in the house which was set on fire. A folding-style knife was found nearby. Officials had to use dental records to identify Kocis, because his body was burned beyond recognition.

In May 2007, Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes, both whom were adult film actors, were arrested and accused of the murder. Police arrested the pair after discovering evidence on Kocis' computer hard drive, which survived the fire. Police theorize they killed Kocis because they wanted to work with an actor who was under contract to Kocis. It is believed that one of the suspects emailed Kocis, assuming the identity of an aspiring porn actor, and arranged to meet him on 24 January, 2007. In the email, he asked if they could meet alone. The pair are alleged to be shown on surveillance cameras buying a gun and lock blade folding knife at a local pawn shop. The knife is consistent with the one which was used to stab Kocis. Additionally, police have audio recordings of one of suspects saying, "Actually seeing that fucker going down, it's actually sick, but it made me feel better inside. It almost felt like I got revenge and I know that sounds fucked up". In a search of the pair's home, police also found video equipment which they believe belonged to Kocis. Other evidence the police feels incriminates the pair are a background check of into Cuadra paid for by one of them, and a prepaid cellphone the pair purchased which was activated in the vicinity of the murder scene.

The pair claim they are innocent, and have set up a MySpace page to state their case.

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