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Red Shoe Diaries

Red Shoe Diaries is an erotic and drama series that aired on the American cable television network Showtime from 1992 to 1999 and distributed by Playboy Entertainment overseas. Most episodes were directed by either Zalman King, Rafael Eisenman or both.


The episodes always open with a quick montage of a newspaper personals section ad under 'Red Shoes' seeking women to mail in their personal diaries with stories of love, passion and/or betrayal.' The presenter and host Jake Winters (David Duchovny) is then shown walking on desolate train tracks with his dog Stella. He begins reading a letter from his post office box out loud that begins with "Dear red shoes..."

Storylines usually have a thin plot revolving around some intrigue and the sexual awakening of a girl or woman who often also narrates. Well photographed, artful, sensuous love scenes with nudity as well as sultry, moody music are characteristic of most episodes. There is no story arc or characters connecting the different stories other than Jake Winters introducing each episode.

Red Shoe movies

The series led to several Red Shoe Diaries movies, including one television movie released in 1992. Nineteen other direct to video Red Shoe movies were also released throughout and after the series' run.

Syndication and DVD release

The Red Shoe Diaries episodes are currently (May 2008) running on the Canadian television channel Bravo!, early Saturday morning. From time to time, episodes can also be viewed on on Showtime and are also available for sale on DVD.

Episodes list

Season 1

  1. Safe Sex - Guest Stars: Steven Bauer, Joan Severance
  2. Double Dare - Guest Stars: Arnold Vosloo
  3. You Have the Right to Remain Silent - Guest Stars: Denise Crosby, Robert Knepper
  4. Talk to Me Baby - Guest Stars: Lydie Denier, Richard Tyson, Kim Burnette

Season 2

  1. Auto Erotica - Guest Stars: Nick Chinlund, Caitlin Dulany
  2. Just Like That - Guest Stars: Tchéky Karyo, Matt LeBlanc, Nina Siemaszko
  3. Accidents Happen aka The Fling - Guest Stars: Ally Sheedy
  4. Another Woman's Lipstick - Guest Stars: Kristina Fulton, Maryam d'Abo
  5. The Bounty Hunter - Guest Stars: Ron Marquette, Claire Stansfield
  6. Night of Abandon - Guest Stars:
  7. Weekend Pass - Guest Stars: Ely Pouget, Anthony Addabbo
  8. Double or Nothing - Guest Stars: Francesco Quinn, Paula Barbieri
  9. Naked in the Moonlight - Guest Stars: Raven Snow, John Enos III
  10. Midnight Bells - Guest Stars: Carsten Norgaard, Charlotte Lewis
  11. How I Met My Husband - Guest Stars: Sue Kiel, Luigi Amadeo
  12. Hotline - Guest Stars: Audie England
  13. Jake's Story - Guest Stars: Sheryl Lee, William Burns

Season 3

  1. Runway - Guest Stars: Udo Kier
  2. Borders of Salt - Guest Stars: Alan Boyce, Sofia Shinas
  3. Burning Up - Guest Stars: Mark Zuelke, Alexandra Tydings
  4. Liar's Tale - Guest Stars: Audie England
  5. In the Blink of an Eye - Guest Stars:
  6. The Psychiatrist - Guest Stars: Denise Crosby
  7. Four on the Floor - Guest Stars:
  8. The Game - Guest Stars: Michael T. Weiss
  9. Some Things Never Change - Guest Stars: Marina Guilia Cavalli, Brad Fisher
  10. Like Father Like Son - Guest Stars:
  11. Gina
  12. Girl on a Bike - Guest Stars: Geraldine Cotte
  13. You Make Me Want to Wear Dresses - Guest Stars: Maximo Morrone, Jason Court

Season 4

  1. The Cake - Guest Stars:
  2. Written Word - Guest Stars: Robbi Chong
  3. The Last Motel - Guest Stars: Perrey Reeves
  4. Juarez - Guest Stars: Rick Garcia, Ana Rotario
  5. Alphabet Girl - Guest Stars:
  6. Jump - Guest Stars:
  7. Tears - Guest Stars: Carolyn Seymour
  8. The Art of Loneliness - Guest Stars: Honey Labrador, Caron Bernstein
  9. Luscious Lola - Guest Stars: Bobbie Phillips, Michael Bendetti
  10. Love at First Sight - Guest Stars: Alexandra Tydings, Denice D. Lewis
  11. Billy Bar - Guest Stars: Troy Beyer, Anthony Addabbo
  12. Hard Labor - Guest Stars: Jennifer Ciesar, Maximo Morrone
  13. Caged Bird - Guest Stars: Jacqueline Lovell, Hector Hank
  14. Mercy - Guest Stars:
  15. The Ex - Guest Stars:
  16. Slow Train - Guest Stars: Athena Massey, Andrew Calder

Season 5

  1. Divorce, Divorce
  2. The Forbidden Zone
  3. Emily's Dance
  4. Carried Away
  5. Kidnap
  6. Jealousy
  7. The Boxer
  8. Farmer's Daughter
  9. Strip Poker
  10. Dime a Dance
  11. Cowboy, Cowboy
  12. Details
  13. Banished

Season 6

  1. As She Wishes
  2. Swimming Naked
  3. Weightless - Guest Stars: Darya Poverennova
  4. The Teacher
  5. Temple of Flesh
  6. The Picnic
  7. Laundrymat


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