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Bing Bang (Time to Dance)

"Bing Bang (Time to Dance)" is the single version of the LazyTown song "Bing Bang".

The original version is sung at the end of every episode by Stephanie and is danced to by Stephanie, Sportacus and the puppets.

The single was released in the United Kingdom on November 27, 2006 as a digital download, and in CD format a week later. On December 10 it reached Number 4 on the British singles chart. It was rated as one of the leading contenders to be the 2006 Christmas number-one.



  1. Bing Bang (Time To Dance)
  2. Bing Bang (Christmas)
  3. LazyTown Megamix
  4. I Love Christmas
  5. Bing Bang (Time To Dance) THE VIDEO

I Love Christmas on this CD single has an extended instrumental intro.

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