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Sound of the City, Vol. 1

Sound of the City: Vol. 1 is the first solo release by Black Milk, a rapper and hip hop producer from Detroit, Michigan. He had previously released material as part of the hip hop production group, B.R. Gunna, along with Young RJ and Fat Ray.

Track listing

  1. "Intro"
  2. "Nigga What"
  3. "Danger" (Feat. T3 & Phat Kat)
  4. "Pimp Cup"
  5. "Duck"
  6. "So Gone"
  7. "This That" (Feat. Marv Won)
  8. "Dirty Horns"
  9. "Bang Dis Shit" (Feat. Nametag)
  10. "Swing Dat Far"
  11. "Sound of the City" (Feat. Fat Ray & Elzhi)
  12. "Dirty Guitar"
  13. "Eternal" (Feat. Baatin)
  14. "Applause"
  15. "Holla Like You Know Me" (Feat. Que D)
  16. "Outro"
  17. "Hidden Track"

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