bandtailed pigeon

Coat of arms of Port Moody

The Coat of Arms of Port Moody


  • Supporters: A stag and a cougar hold the shield above the mount, symbolic of the area's wildlife. The supporters wear collars of maple leaves, symbolising Canada. The stag has a salmon around the neck, representing the original Coast Salish settlers, while the cougar has a railroad spike.
  • Crest: A mural crown, emblematic of Port Moody's designation as a city, and above that is a bandtailed pigeon, a rare local bird.
  • Shield:
    • Charges: Trees for the forest industry, tracks for the railway, and a clipper ship for the early port.
  • Mount: A fir tree forest and water suggesting the natural setting of the city.
  • Scroll: The city's motto: Blest by nature - Enriched by man.
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