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Trichoptilosis is the "splitting of hairs at the ends," according to Dorland's Pocket Medical Dictionary. Often referred to as "split ends." Comes from the Greek root "tricho" meaning hair and "ptilosis" meaning "falling out of the eyelashes." It is also called "schizotrichia."

A split end is when the hair-shaft splits or flays due to excessive heat and misusage.


The primary cause is physical stress to the hair from heat or mechanical means. Split ends are more likely to form on a hair that has been snapped or broken from yanking a comb through tangled hairs than on one that has been cut cleanly and combed gently. Excessive use of chemicals, such as perms and dyeing, may also strip protective layers off the outside of the hair shaft and thereby weaken the hair.


There is no way to repair split ends; when they occur, the split part of the hair must be trimmed.


Reducing or eliminating the causes will usually prevent split ends. Trimming the ends of the hair at least several times a year may prevent split ends by cutting off the hair that is at highest risk for splitting.

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