[bal-mawr-uhl, -mor-uhl]


There are several places named Balmoral.



Northern Ireland

  • The Balmoral Show takes place in the Kings Hall show-ground on the outskirts of Belfast in Northern Ireland and is a major agricultural show which takes place every year.
  • The Balmoral area of Belfast incorporates the Lisburn Road, and the Malone Road.
  • Balmoral Avenue is a large road which intersects the Lisburn Road and the Malone Road.
  • Balmoral Golf Club is also situated nearby.
  • Balmoral railway station

New Zealand



  • A Balmoral bonnet, named for the Scottish village and castle, is an unbrimmed cap. It may or may not incorporate a toorie (the correct term for the "pompom" on top). It is occasionally seen in Commonwealth military and naval uniforms as well as Scottish Highland dress. Balmorals (and a similar hat called a General Service cap) were worn as field dress by Scottish and Commonwealth soldiers, though sometimes also with more formal uniform, though the glengarry is generally used for the latter purpose.




Balmoral Chicken

  • Also known as Chicken Balmoral , this is a popular Scottish dish comprising chicken breast stuffed with haggis.

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