List of characters in Combo Rangers

This is a list of characters that appeared in the Combo Rangers series.

The Rangers

Fox (Red Ranger)

Fox is the captain of the group. His loyalty to the team and courage are unquestionable, but he can be a bit dumb sometimes, as noted when he mixes up idioms or obtains very bad grades in school. When he becomes a teenager, he is called by Homem-Reflexo to a heavy training. Later, he is chosen by the Estrela Defensora to be its new owner. He could refuse it, but he chose to be with the star despite the risks. Fox’s girlfriend is Tati, the former pink ranger.

Kiko (Green Ranger)

Kiko is a very calm, good-humored and easy-going boy. He is the only ranger not to be worried about dating, and likes to listen to reggae and rap. His words always come in the form of slangs, and he is always the one to be optimistic, no matter how awful the situation seems to be. Kiko has once become the Ultramano. This gave him enormous power, but this power came with a doom.

Kenji (Blue Ranger)

Kenji, or simply Ken, is a shy and intelligent boy. He has a secret crush on Tati, despite her relationship with Fox. He is very rich (he is given R$ 1.000.000,00 as allowance, something equivalent to about 500.000 dollars), and his parents are often not home. However, his mother would always try to remember about her son, different from his father. Because of this, Ken can hide his superhero life with ease. Ken's hair hides his eyes, but they are briefly shown in the chapter in which his father discovers the secret life of his son.

Sara Luana Moon (New Pink Ranger)

Sara was originally a single ally of the Combo Rangers, but her importance to the series began to increase significantly: First she was chosen to be the next Garota Arco-Íris (only for a short time, though), and then she took the pink ranger place after Tati’s departure. She has not only the standard Combo Ranger abilities (hand-to-hand combat, shots and flying), but also the ability to transform her body into any other material, and to use any kind of superpower. However, she can use her abilities for 15 minutes only. After this, she must wait 15 more minutes, until her power recharges.

Tatiana (Former Pink Ranger)

Tatiana (often called by her nickname Tati), is a very cheerful and lovely girl. She dates Fox, and is able to do anything for her lover (she is also very jealous). She seems to be a bit futile and obsessed with fashion, but she is actually very conscious about her mission. However, after fighting O Chefão, she gives up being a Ranger and her position as the Pink Ranger is given to Sara.

Lisa (Yellow Ranger)

Lisa is as shy and intelligent as Ken, and is very hard-working and conscious about school, as she comes from a poor family, and her father is unemployed. She dates Luke, the white Combo Ranger. She eventually reveals she's not really into fighting, and does not enjoy the idea that her power will be with her for the rest of her life.

Luke (White ranger)

Luke is a mysterious boy. He is able to heal any injury on one's body, and can use telepathy - powers that none of the other Rangers have. Little is known about his past.


Davi (Grey ranger)

Davi is a brave boy, who speaks in a very Gaucho way, and is a skilled skater. His skate was upgraded by Doutor Cooper, and is now a very fast floating machine, and that is the only thing he can use to fight against evil, giving that he has no superpowers at all.

Doutor Cooper/Doutor Delírio

His true name is Paul Cooper. He came to Cidade City only to study the monsters that were appearing all over the city, but Proteus, the dark side of Tio Combo, captured him and transformed him in a villain to work to him using his extreme intelligence. At that time, he was called Doutor Delírio (Doctor Delirium). His main assistant was Fabi, and he has a daughter, Maya. After Proteus was defeated, Doctor Cooper decided to help on the reconstruction of Cidade City (who was severely damaged after the final battle against Proteus), and then started to live with his daughter. He invited Fabi to live with them, but she refused and decided to live all by herself. Doutor Cooper is a brilliant scientist, and has developed several machines, including the "Glaucon 2001 Beta", which is used during his occasional fights. He also developed the high technology staff that Maya uses in her fights.


Fabi used to live on the streets, until she was found by Doutor Cooper, who "hired" her as an assistant because of her similarity with Maya, his daughter. She was also an enemy of the Rangers, serving as some kind of field leader, until Proteus' fall. She was invited by Doutor Cooper to live with him, but she decided to live all by herself with Pum (literally Fart), a creature whose only ability is to release unbelievably stinky farts that can grow anyone near it to an enormous size, and that once served alongside General Monte.


Gaia is a divinity and mentor of all Garotas Arco-Íris. She chooses a girl to become the Garota Arco-Íris every generation. The girl must protect Love and Nature, until she turns eighteen. When it happens, Gaia takes all the abilities away from the girl, and also erases any possible memory of her former superhero life. However, as a thanksgiving, Gaia makes the girl's biggest dream come true.

Garota Arco-Íris (Camila)

The Garota Arco-Íris (Rainbow Girl), whose true identity is Camila, is a powerful ally of the rangers. Actually, the "Garota Arco-Íris" position was held by many other girls. Every Garota Arco-Íris has the same appearance when transformed into the "forma de luz" (light form, the form in which the girl can use her powers): pink skin, colorful hair and clothing, green eyes and a heart on the forehead. The abilities of a Garota Arco-Íris include flying, creating energy shields for protection and she is also able to cure any injury when turning into human form, and then to the light form again. Obviously, the human forms of the Garotas Arco-Íris are different one from another. Camila is very ashamed of her real form, thus making her choose not to show her real form to her friends. Camila is a little fat, and considers herself ugly. Because of her option of being almost always in the light form, Gaia decides to take her powers away from her. Later, she decides to transform Sara the new Garota Arco-Íris, but she later decides to put Camila back on the position.

Go Go Riders

Go Go Riders are the Combo Rangers counterparts in the planet Toobaine. Sharing the same source of power (the one bestowed upon them by Mago Syros), they have the same abilities of the Earth Rangers: flying ability, superstrength, great speed and capacity to fire energy shots. Their names are: Nemo (Red Go Go Rider), Plug (Green Go Go Rider), Flash (Blue Go Go Rider), Pulse (Pink Go Go Rider) and Java (Yellow Go Go Rider).

Homem Planeta/Hugo Hungria

Thanks to having a planet instead of a head, Homem Planeta (Portuguese for Planet Man) has the power of a small planet. He can control the gravity around him to become light enough for flying, or to make his adversary too heavy to move. In a range of a hundred meters, he can also control the weather and the land, causing earthquakes, tsunamis, tornados and any other kind of natural disaster. He is the former Hugo Hungria, a brilliant scientist. He once discovered the existence of Biriguisei, a small planet of around 45 cm wide orbiting around Earth. Extremely curious, he teleported the small planet to his laboratory to study it. However, he noticed that his attitude had put the lives of all beings of the planet in danger, and also noticed that he could not put the planet back to the orbit of Earth, so he tried to stabilize the planet using his own body. This caused him to fuse with the planet and to be considered as a god to all inhabitants of the Biriguisei.

Homem-Reflexo/Homem Equilíbrio

The Homem-Reflexo (Reflection-Man, later called Homem-Equilíbrio or Balance-Man in English) is a friend of Tio Combo and one of the main allies of the Combo Rangers. He has the body of a normal man, but his head is only an oval-shaped mirror. His main ability is to transform anything on its exact opposite. That's the reason why he cannot look to another mirror: This will cause him to become evil. Later on the series, his good and evil sides decide to work together, thus changing Homem-Relfexo's name and ability: He now self-nominates him the "Homem-Equilíbrio". His appearance has not changed a lot, though: His eyes are "blindfolded", (although he does not really have eyes) and there's a Taijitu on his chest, instead of the former draw of a mirror. His new ability is to equalize anything. He can, for instance, equalize his power to his adversary's. This way, he may not win, but also may not be defeated. The problem is: His only objective is to keep the balance between good and evil, and he will even eventually fight against his own allies to make sure that none of the sides be in advantage.

Japonaro Kido

Japonaro Kido (real name Kido Ido) comes from Yabusei, and is as strong as Spectroseven. He has super strength, super velocity, is able to fly, to fire energy shots and to control his own mass, meaning that he can get bigger or smaller than his natural size. He still lives in Yabusei (while Spectroseven prefers to live on Earth), and is helping to rebuild the planet after it was devastated by the Kururuseijins. He is a tribute to National Kid, title character of the very first Japanese production to air in Brazil.

Mago Syros

Syros Ambrosius, known as Mago Syros (Wizard Syros) was the responsible for giving the Combo Ranger their new abilities, which include the flying ability. The true extension of his powers remains unknown to date. He is the guardian of Toobaine, together with Go Go Riders. He became extremely depressed when his daughter Cristal died of a mysterious illness. After being helped by the Combo Rangers, he was back to action. His exile has driven Toobaine to the brink of destruction, but he is now trying to make the planet a beautiful place again.

Maya Cooper

Maya Cooper is considered to be an honorary Combo Ranger, though she has no superpowers at all. During a fight, all she can rely on is her hand-to-hand combat skills, her intelligence and also her computer knowledge. She was given a high technology staff by her father, which weighs only 500 grams (approximately 1.1 lb) on her hands, but its impact can vary from 1 kilogram (approx. 2.2 lb) to 10 tonnes (over 22,000 lbs.). She has a great friendship with Fox, thus causing Tati to be very jealous and somewhat bitter towards her. Her father is the Doutor Cooper (Doutor Delírio), who has been one of the main enemies of the Combo Rangers in the past, but thanks to her daughter's tenderness, he has given up to be a villain.

Mega Combotron

The Mega Combotron is, for the Combo Rangers, the same as the Megazord is for the Power Rangers. He is equipped with missiles and cannons, and works with the energy of the rangers themselves, meaning that they are the only ones able to control it. The Mega Combotron was destroyed during the final combat with General Monte.


Pacificador (Peacemaker) is a bad-humored, arrogant and impatient superhero. A friend of Tio Combo, he would substitute him on his absences. Pacificador is very aggressive, and prefers to beat his enemies upfirst to ask questions next. He has no superpowers, but is an expert in firearms. He uses his belt (which he later left as a gift to Ken) to hold all his weapons (which are miniaturized). He can also transform himself into the "Modo de Apelação" (Appeal Mode), where his body releases several weapons, and also a pair of rockets on his feet to make him fly. In the past, Pacificador has adopted Rafael, which would later become O Defensor, and who Pacificador would also consider as his son. Pacificador wears a red mask with a black peace symbol motif over it, and his face was never revealed.

Rafael (O Defensor)

Rafael was a boy who lived on the streets until he was eleven years old. At that time, Pacificador found him and decided to adopt him as his disciple. He trained the boy and soon he realized the boy had a pure heart, so Pacificador gave him the Estrela Defensora. From this moment on, he was called O Defensor (The Defender), and was considered "The greatest superhero of all time". However, there was a tragic fate waiting for him: One day, a powerful villain called Afar came to town, and all superheroes were no match for him. Defensor was the only one who could fight him. The battle lasted for three days, until Tio Combo decided to shoot Afar with a powerful weapon, otherwise the entire city would be destroyed. Defensor had to grab Afar in order to avoid a possible way out for him. Tio Combo was the only one who knew that the gun was actually a transporter to another dimension. Fifteen years later, Pacificador discovered everything and forced Tio Combo to transport him, Luke, Lisa, Ken, Kiko and Garota Arco-Íris to this dimension. There, the heroes encountered Afar, who has defeated Defensor easily and has left him unconscious on the top of a tower as soon as both of them arrived there. Pacificador and Kiko made it to awake Defensor, who tried to fight Afar again. Later, Afar revealed his origins, and also revealed that Rafael never wanted to be a hero, his only dream was to have a family. After defeating Afar, Rafael used the power of the Estrela Defensora for the last time. He returned in time and decided to raise a family. He had a son named Alexandre with a woman called Verônica.


Clearly based on Ultra Seven and Ultraman, he is the warrior of Love, and comes from the fictional planet Yabusei. He is very strong: He can fly, create energy shields, teleport, and even increase his body mass. He appears occasionally to help the Combo Rangers in emergencies.

Tio Combo

Formerly known as "O Poderoso Combo" (The Mighty Combo), Tio Combo (Uncle Combo) is the mentor of the Combo Rangers and member of ASH. In the past, he was the greatest hero of the world, and he owns a number of abilities: he can fly, become a stone, become invisible, set himself on fire, and many others. The problem is that all those powers were being harmful to his health. Because of this, he had to give up his power and recruited the Combo Rangers. Tio Combo sometimes seems not to mind about sacrifying everything in the name of the safety of Cidade City and the world rather than waiting for a less dramatic solution.



Afar appeared fifteen years ago in Cidade City, and almost destroyed it. The only one able to fight him was O Defensor. The fight lasted for three days, until Tio Combo decided to transport both of them to another dimension. There, Afar defeated Defensor easily, as he had lost faith on the Estrela Defensora. Afar later revealed his origin: Pacificador has tried to convince Rafael that he was a hero, while everything he wanted was a family. This "lie" has entered in his dreams, and Rafael used his powers while sleeping. This way, Afar was born. And as a creation of Rafael, only Rafael himself was able to defeat Afar. On the other hand, he has the same weakness: Faith. By proving him that he didn't believe on him, Kenji managed to destroy him completely.


Anti-Combo is similar to Pacificador: He doesn't have powers, at all, but owns an arsenal bigger than a small army's one. He was once a normal citizen, but discovered the secret identities of the combo Rangers, and since this day, he swears he's going to defeat them, only to be as famous as them.

Cabeça Grávida

Cabeça Grávida means literally "Pregnant Head" in Portuguese. One may not be surprised by his name when looking to his head: it is very big, shaved, and "dressed" with a brassiere. There's also a navel in his forehead. Cabeça Grávida wears a pink dress. His big head has given him as much intelligence as traumas when he was a kid. People used to make jokes of his big head. This caused him to grow up building up a wish for revenge. His intelligence allows him to invent weapons and machines with ease, and those equipments are used in his attempts to commit crimes.

Cardman and his monsters

Cardman is an extremely powerful wizard. He owns a number of magical cards (much like Magic: The Gathering), each one specialized in stealing a different kind of force. He travels through the Yabuverso by his space ship called MZK-1975, which is capable to destroy an entire planet in a few seconds. Cardman's main activity is to steal all beauty from the planets he reaches.

Baby Face

Baby Face has the ability to transform one's beauty into energy for his body. And as of the victims, they get disfigured and unrecognizable. The more people he attacks, the more powerful he gets. He proves to be more than a match for the Combo Rangers when he manages to get a hold on Tati; though, he did not really manage to get her disfigured, as his beauty-abrosbing power actually exposes people's inner beauty, so Tati did not change a thing.


Her name means "furtive", due to her agility and her ability to become invisible. As another monster serving Cardman, her mission is to steal people's hope. However, she is easily defeated by Maya.


Leprechato is able to spread the disagreement over all human beings, making it easy for him to steal Trust and Compassion of those humans, making them aggressive and dull. His power, though, does not work with Kiko, who lived with racial prejudice since an early age, and thus, he knows how to fight such aggressive feelings. This way, he manages to snap his fellow Combo Rangers out of the aggressive spell they were under, and all other citizens afterwards.

Monstro Mental

Mental Monster uses the power of his mind to fight. He can read people's thoughts, steal their mental energies to make himself more powerful or steal their intelligence to make him more intelligent. Fox pretended to be intelligent in order to beat him, giving that he would not be able to absorb any intelligence from stupid people like Fox himself.

Monstro do Rock

Also the Rock Monster, his function is to steal music. He can become stronger by stealing the energy of music, or by using his long tongue to steal other's energy. His Axe-shaped electric guitar is able to fire powerful energy shots. Ken defeats him by plugging his tongue to the guitar, in order to overload his body with energy. His appearance is clearly based on Kiss bassist Gene Simmons.

Carolho (and his evolutions)

Carolho was one of the first enemies of the Combo Rangers, and a servant of General Monte. He is simply a ball with lots of eyes spread all over it, plus humanoids arms and legs. He had evolved to several other forms:

Homens de Quatro Olhos

The Homens de Quatro Olhos, or Men With Four Eyes, are creatures originated by Carolho. They are as big as a child, but as strong as an adult. Also, their intelligence is limited.

Homens Loiros de Quatro Olhos

The Blonde Men with Four Eyes are an evolution of the Men with Four Eyes, much stronger and faster than their antecessors. If the Men with Four Eyes are created by Carolho, the Blonde ones are created by the Super Macacaloiro.

Super Macacaloiro

He is another evolution of Carolho. After an accident with a teleporter, he fused with a monkey and became the Macacarolho (note that “monkey” in Portuguese is “macaco”). Soon, he suffered another accident and was almost completely destroyed. General Monte reconstituted him with cybernetic parts, and he was now named “Cyber Macacarolho”. After being defeated again by the Combo Rangers, he came back with a new form called Macacaloiro, (in Portuguese, loiro means blonde) with long blonde hair. After a new defeat he once again came from the dead with a new super form called Super Macacaloiro. This final evolution of Carolho is a clear reference to the Super Saiyans of the Dragon Ball Z series.

O Chefão

O Chefão (Portuguese for The Big Boss) is an arrested villain who has caused much damage and pain to the entire world. He created a great army of robots, and used them to take over the world. He has also developed a powerful gun, which was able to cover everything it hits with Darkness. Tio Combo, Homem-Reflexo and Pacificador tried to defeat him together. Chefão defeated Combo and Pacificador easily, but Homem-Reflexo resisted. Still, Chefão managed to point his gun to Homem-Reflexos "face". When he pulled the trigger, Homen-Reflexo's power transformed the darkness in a brilliant light that blinded Chefão, even though he was wearing sunglasses. The doctors who treated him said he would hardly recover his vision, so he decided not to take the sparadraps out of his eyes, as a way to remember what ASH's mambers had done to him. Chefão knew that Homem-Reflexo will eventually become evil when looking to a mirror. This way, Chefão managed to manipulate Reflexo to obtain information about the Combo Rangers, as Reflexo is very next to the Rangers. Later on, he manages to take the Estrela Defensora, who presumably gave him his vision back. With the Estrela Defensora on his power, he created a world without heroes, after defeateing all of them. However, Fox, the former owner of the Estrela Defensora, tells him the truth about the star, and defeats Chefão, who went back to prison. The star has not given him his vision back at all: Actually, he recovered his vision years ago, but couldn't realize that because he never took the sparadraps off.

Dark Combo Ranger

The Dark Combo Ranger owns the powers off all Combo Rangers (before they received the new powers of Syros) together, plus the ability to fly. He also has a radar able to locate the Combo Rangers in a one-kilometer-wide range. The Dark Combo Ranger was a project by Tio Combo, meant to be the most powerful Combo Ranger of all. However, fearing that it could fall in the wrong hands, he quit the project. Proteus ordered Doutor Delírio to steal him, and to use the then-dead body of Luke (who had been overran by a drunken driver) for the experience. He filled Luke with negative energy, plus the energies of all combo rangers. He almost destroyed the Combo Rangers when he came to action (Doutor Delírio stopped him because of his daughter, Maya). During a dramatic battle, Tio Combo told them that the only thing that could destroy him was the beam of the Mega Combotron. They defeated the Dark Ranger, but also lost their powers. But thanks to Lisa’s love and to the Cristal Supernova, Luke returned to life.


Little is known about this boy, but he is one of a few survivors of the now destroyed planet Oreo, and was chosen by Cardman to be his assistant. As a bystander born in Oreo, Deck can teleport, beyond having a great velocity, agility and strength. His bracelets are able to fire powerful energy shots.

Denis Demente

Denis Demente (Demented Denis) is Marvin Maluco's brother. They used to live on the streets, until the former Marvin Maluco found them. He obligated both to fight, and Denis lost, thus making him go back to the streets. He was mad at his brother, and decided to become Denis Demente, the main enemy of his own brother. He and Marvin wear similar clothing (though Denis’s clothing are white and blue, while Marvin's ones are red and yellow), but his mask features a sad face, and his guns are "ice-throwers". Although being an enemy for Marvin, he is not a superhero, and is as dangerous as his brother, beyond being wanted for several assaults.

General Monte

His true name is Angamenon Monte Pereira, and he was one of the first main enemies of the Combo Rangers. He was the main commander of the Império Deskarga. He tried to take over Earth by sending several monsters to the planet, but combo Rangers defeated all of them. Later on, his space ship was completely destroyed by the Guerreiros Supernova, and due to his failures, he was left by his wife and his father-in-law, who was the emperor of the Império Deskarga.

Guerreiros Supernova

The Supernova Warriors are reincarnations of the evilest souls of all Yabuverso. They were stuck in the Cristal Supernova to pay for their crimes. When General Monte found the crystal, he released the power of the Supernova Warriors who almost destroyed the Combo Rangers. The Supernova Warriors are similar to the rangers: They are a team of five, each one with red, green, blue, yellow or pink uniforms, and their abilities are the same. Also, they own a giant robot similar to the Mega Combotron.


Gótica means gothic in Portuguese, and that's the name of the main enemy of Gaia, the mentor of the Garotas Arco-Íris. Gótica leads a group of women similar to her, and her dream was to be a Garota Arco-Íris. However, she was not suitable to fill this role: She didn't have a pure heart. The reason why Gaia takes off any possible memory of the Garotas Arco-Íris when they turn eighteen is that Gótica can search the former warriors in order to kill and torture them using her Shadow Sword. As Gaia has not taken off the memories of Camila, she became easily vulnerable to Gótica, who used her to bring Gaia into her power. However, Gaia had already chosen Sara as the new Garota Arco-Íris. Sara defeated Gótica easily, and Camila was back to the role of Garota Arco-Íris.


Kururu comes from the planet Kururusei. He is very powerful, srong, fast and has also strong mental abilities: He can teleport, move objects with the power of his mind and can project illusions. His main strategy is to guess his adversary's movements before he does it and to show him his worst fears and frustrations. He was defeated with the help of Ken and Tati. Kururu in a way resembles Impmon, from the Digimon series.

Macacos Loiros Marcianos de Vênus

Their name means literally "Martian Blonde monkeys from Venus". It sounds strange, but is perfectly explainable: They originate from Mars, but have taken over Venus centuries ago, and are now using it as a headquarter. Like the kururuseijins, their main activity is to take over planets. The Earth had already been on their plans, but they were stopped by Spectroseven, who fought them during ten years.

New Marvin Maluco

Marvin Maluco, or Crazy Marvin in English, is an young criminal who wears a smiley mask. During fights, he uses Flamethrowers as guns. He is an orphan and brother of Denis Demente. They both were found on the streets by the former Marvin Maluco, and they were instructed to follow the evil patch. Eventually, former Marvin Maluco forced both of them to fight. The winner becomes the successor of Marvin Maluco. The loser goes back to the streets. Marvin won, and he became the new Marvin Maluco, while his brother Denis became his own enemy.

Former Marvin Maluco

He was a villain who caused several damages to Cidade City and lost his left hand during a battle against O Poderoso Combo and the former Garota Arco-Íris. After the event, he recruited Marvin and Denis, and transformed Marvin in his successor. He ended up in prison after stealing an amulet with great powers (it makes dreams come true, but transforms them on nightmares).

Punho Mortal

Punho Mortal (Deadly Fist) originates from a Mafia family who was operating in Cidade City. His true name is Giovanni de Michelli. He has great strength, velocity and resistance, but his body is still vulnerable, because he's a human being. However, his right arm is entirely indestructible. His family operated in the mid sixties, when there were not too many superheroes. But as the number of warriors began to increase, the family was disabled. Giovanni so swore he was going to have a revenge. He has spent years trying to find a way to become powerful, and in the process, he transformed his arm in a fighting equipment. Those powers gave him great advantage during his fights, but he is now unable to open his right hand.

Teo & Leo

Their true names are Teodoro and Leonardo, respectively, and they are cyborgs siblings able to operate electronic equipments with extreme ease. Due to their robotic implants, they are very strong and do not grow old. Teo is also very intelligent, and uses this virtue to elaborate new equipment and brilliant crimes. They have dreamt on being supervillains since their childhood, and this dream came true when Teo had stolen a technique of cybernetic implants, and used this on himself and on his brother.

Other Characters

Estrela Defensora

The Estrela Defensora, or Defender Star in English, Is a small, yellow, five-pointed sacred star that has fallen on Earth thousands of years ago, more precisely in Egypt. It was found by an young boy called Ankh. From the moment they came in direct contact, everything the boy believed became true, and he became a Pharaoh. Years later, the star appeared in the old England, and with its power, Arthur managed to take a sword off a stone and became the king of all England (an obvious reference to King Arthur). Much like them, other people have earned the star's power, and have become great politicians, businessmen, heroes, and much more. Rafael, Fox and O Chefão (in that order) were the latest to earn the star. Many believed that the star could bring unbelievable power to the ones who earned it. But actually, the star has no powers at all: Everything depends on the ones themselves: They must really believe and have faith on the star and on the things they want to do. The star only helps them on the search for this faith.

Mr. Ozora

Mr. Ozora is Kenji's father. Although they live together, it seems that they haven't a close relationship: Ozora can't even remember Kenji's birthday. When he was kidnapped by Cabeça-Grávida, Kenji soon was on the way to rescue him, transformed into the blue ranger (even though Ozora didn't know that his son was the blue ranger). After protecting Ozora from a shot of the BFG, a powerful weapon invented by Ozora himself, Kenji's secret identity was no longer secure, and his father discovers the truth by raising Kenji's hair (which has always covered his eyes) and saying: "You have the eyes of your mother!".


His name means simply "Last one" in Portuguese. He was a robot developed by General Monte with only one objective: Observe and learn about the Combo Rangers. Último is very intelligent, able to learn, and has no emotions. This way, he memorized all the rangers' moves and strategies, thus causing him to become an invincible adversary for them. During a combat between the rangers and a giant robot, however, Último was accidentally hit by a piece of the robot, and this activated his emotions. From that moment on, he learned also several virtues, and has given up defeating the Combo Rangers. However, General Monte has created an emergency mechanism, in case Último had his original programming modified. If his programming is modified, he will explode with the force of a nuclear warhead, in October 12, 2001 (Children's Day in Brazil). Último learned this by watching a holographic video that was inside him, and remained inactive until the children's day eve. The only way to avoid the tragedy was to reprogram Último so he becomes evil again. General Monte did that in order not to provide time for anyone to deactivate the bomb, believing that the evil Último would not have difficulties in defeating the Combo Rangers. The only alternative was to reprogram Último and destroy him immediately. Luke, who felt a great goodness on Último, hesitated a bit before giving the final attack that destroyed ultimo completely. Último's pieces were destroyed by the rangers, who feared the possibility of them eventually falling in wrong hands.


Ultramano is Kiko himself, but with different powers. These powers were given by some aliens of unknown origin, who call themselves the "lords of the infinite". The actual name of Ultramano is Ultraboy, as stated by the aliens, but Kiko prefers the name Ultramano (mano is a Portuguese slang for brother, (it comes from the Spanish word "hermano", which means the same)). Ultramano is very strong and fast, and three of his five senses are extremely precise. He calls them mano-vision, mano-audition and mano-olfaction. However, all that seemed to be a gift to him, was actually part of a plan of the lords: Kiko's powers are extremely radioactive, and his presence on Earth started causing the death of many people (including Kenji). The lords had been on Earth millions of years ago, to destroy all dinosaurs and let the human race evolve. And now, they are back to Earth to control the crescent population, as it would cause the collapse of the entire world. To reverse the situation, Kiko transformed himself in the green Combo Ranger to multiply his powers (the power of the Combo Rangers works by simply multiplying their human forces many times. As Ultramano is extremely powerful, the Combo Rangers' power would make him the strongest human ever). His power was, at that moment, enough for him to fly faster than the speed of light, and thus making him go back in time to prevent everything to happen.

Zero Um

Zero Um means "Zero One" in Portuguese, the numbers used in Computer language. Zero Um, before being called so, was a genius of computers, whose name remains unknown. His job at a company gave much money and comfort to him and his wife and a son. However, for their misfortune, Zero Um was obsessed with work. He would spend nights in the company, and would also forget about his beloved ones. One day, when he forgot to take his son to the park, his wife decided to take him to the park herself, but she crashed the car and died with her son. Zero Um left his job feeling extremely guilty. He decided to develop a new world on the computers, where life is perfect, and all mistakes are easily correctable. When the program was completed, he created portals for this world. Many people around the world were taken to this world when using any kind of electronic equipment (walkmans, TVs, mobile phones, and obviously, computers). Zero Um converted himself on a kind of machine, and as the creator of the new world, he was like a God. His objective failed, however, when a virus entirely written on paper and read using Tati's voice infected the alternative world. The virus was used by those means because the world had a powerful anti-virus system, which would not allow any electronic equipment to enter the world. The virus, entirely constituted by zeros and ones, was a poetry called "Instantes" (Instants), written by Jorge Luís Borges.


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