The Backwoodsman Magazine

The Backwoodsman Magazine, or more correctly known as The Backwoodsman Richie's Magazine, began its 28th year of publishing in January 2007. The magazine is currently published six times a year and has a relatively small but growing and diverse following of readers. Many of its articles are submitted by readers as well as by the creator of the magazine Charlie Richie. Other articles that frequently appear within its pages are reprints from older How-To project type magazines and books. Each issue of the magazine begins with letters to Charlie Richie the editor.

Most of the magazine's contents cover areas of interest that relate to self-reliance. However it is not a "survivalist" magazine. The magazine is more closely related to the Fox Fire book series than to Soldier of Fortune Magazine. For example Mr. Richie dismissed the whole Y2K controversy months before the year 2000 began.

Some of the areas of interest the magazine covers are American-Indian Lore, hermits, Muzzle loading, antique, and old military rifles, traditional archery, and early American history. Many plans for various projects are found within its pages. Some examples include creating things ranging from canoes, home made welders, black powder cannons, beer, and clothing, although there are many more topics covered by the magazine. The magazine is basically non-political and non-partisan. However, Mr. Richie frequently expresses disgust with the government for its lack of enforcing immigration laws and has one occasion suggested that captured terrorist being imprisoned by Americans in Cuba should be killed if they refuse to cooperate and he has also suggested that alleged child molesters be shot behind the ear without trial. These statements seem more out of frustration than a call for suspending the Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution. The magazine is Pro-Second Amendment but has allowed for some dissent on this subject as well. Several years ago in an interview with a Hollywood movie consultant, who worked on westerns, "assault rifles" were referred to as sewer pipes. Mr. Richie discourages articles with political bias frequently in his editorials and on the magazines weblink One can get the feeling that the readers of The Backwoodsman could range from right wing conservative Christians to new age eco-friendly hippies.

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