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Nissan MA10S

The MA10S is the engine used in the K10 (1982-1992) type Nissan Micra.


At that time, MA10S was the lightest engine as the aluminum block in the world (It is in the maintenance weight in the automatic transmission car) in 1000 cc class as for the material of the first cylinder block in Nissan Motors. In the engine developed aiming at the small size, lightness and high performance newly developed as special engine (987 cc) of Nissan and March K10 type. It is an engine installed in Nissan and a specification and Nissan and usual March K10 type Be-1 with electronically controlled carburetor (ECC) engine. Use on the market was from October 1982 to about 1989. Two kinds of the engine for five manual transmission car engine and 4MT broke out at first by the difference of the exhaust system catalyst and it divided into two kinds (the monolith type oxidation catalyst specification engine (five L grade type velocity specification of MA10S) and the monolith three-way catalyst specification engine). After use, it was united to the improvement three-way catalyst in K10 initial type — medium term in the specification of the latter term type (sale in 1989). It is MA10ET (with turbo) and MA09ERT (supercharger switch type turbo-charger) type (injection for the game only for MA10E Nissan Saurus Jr.) as the development type of this engine. There is MA12 (1200cc) for export.


As for the MA10S type engine, even the production end is almost the same as a basic design excluding the detail. The saving resource was pursued and Nissan that aimed at the fuel cost performance improvement and the miniaturization and pursued high performance, quietness and reliability was an engine of the new design. Initial engine type oxidation catalyst specification catalyst palladium fuel cost improvement attempt externals feedback system adopt type three-way catalyst specification three-way catalyst. ECC digital control electron vaporizer sensor march for kind set. 987 cc of the main body of the engine was a displacement with a compact four water-cooled cylinder engine. The cylinder block made of the aluminum die cast is adopted in the Ugoben mechanism and the cylinder layout: four ream Saiamez type. The adoption and lightening were aimed at. The array of the cylinder block is assumed an equal pitch in the lubrication system, four boas are shortened, it sticks and the total length of the cylinder block has been shortened. Rapid combustion to the vicinity of the center of a domed combustion chamber to raise the combustor efficiency (Haiscwarl inlet port). It was assumed the enabled spark plug arrangement and the Shaiki system assumed the crossing flow method. With the inlet port where strong Scwarl is given. It aimed at the improvement of the combustor efficiency by hemisphere combustion chamber without the ruggedness that maintained Scwarl easily and high compression ratio (9:5), etc. It was assumed the cast-iron midair type in the crank shaft and the pin and the journal part also aimed at making to the midair and lightening. Adoption of a rubber timing belt and quiet parts that aim at reliability improvement and adopts all-in-one design main bearing cap. Decrease the vibration and the noise by improving the rigidity and the precision degree of the cylinder made of aluminum block in the best design by the computer. The rigidity was improved and more advanced reliability was obtained. The Ugoben mechanism assumed the OHC mechanism of V type valve arrangement and was excellent in quietness and durability. It drives with the timing belt. The branch shape of the intake manifold is enabled in the Shaiki system and the fuel system and it makes a U-turn suction and the rectification of suction is enabled. It is assumed the complete tournament type and aims at on the inside low-speed torque valuing design, the fuel distribution, turning characteristics and the carburetor maintenance inclination. It aimed at an excellent power performance. The warm water passage is set to the intake manifold part and the EGR circuit is built into.

Adopt the warm water heating type full auto chalk in the carburetor of the MA10 oxidation and do the operation that corresponds in the state of warmth of the engine. It does the idol rotational speed correction device was set, the idling rotational speed at time was usually aimed at and the lowering fuel cost improvement was aimed at.

Adopt electronically controlled carburetor (ECC) in the MA103 origin and with the O2 sensor and the monolith type three-way catalyst (catalyst/platinum rhodium). The fuel cost improvement was attempted by also widening clean making the vehicle exhaust emission and the Falcat area as much as possible.

The radiator with the electric cooling fan was set in the cooling system in relation to equipped with an engine horizontal putting according to the FF drive. The radiator is classified into two kinds by the difference of the model grade. The radiator made of copper in March E and L. The radiator made of aluminum was set to March S and G. The mount of the MA10S engine assumes the right, the left and the following three-point support and the buffer rod to the manual transmission car forward back and forth in addition in the automatic transmission car. It is set it.

Nissan March initial model specification form

  • Three automatic three door hatchback 1000cc (987cc) gear-change and four/five-speed.
  • March E (Only 4M/T) K10S, K10SB.
  • March L (4M/T, 5M/T, 3A/T), K10, K10B, K10YF, K10YFB, K10A, K10AB
  • March S (4M/T, 3A/T), K10D, K10DA
  • March G (4M/T, 5M/T, 3A/T), K10G, K10GF, K10GA
  • Power steering car (4M/T, 5M/T, 3A/T) K10GP, K10GFP, K10G/K10GAP

MA10 engine specifications

  • MA10 with oxidation catalyst: 4-speed manual transaxle or 3-speed automatic transaxle
  • MA10 with three-way catalyst: 5-speed manual transaxle
  • Total displacement: 987 cc
  • Head chamber shape: Hemispherical
  • Valve system: OHC
  • Inside diameter x distance: x 68.0 mm
  • Compression ratio: 9:5
  • Compression pressure (kg/c?u/rpm): 13.5/350
  • Max power: 57 ps @ 6000 rpm
  • Max torque: 8.0 kg-m @ 3600 rpm
  • Minimum fuel consumption rate (g/ps / h/rpm): 210/3600
  • Size (length x width x height) (mm)
    • with manual transaxle: 609 x 563 x 625
    • with automatic transaxle: 609 x 563 x 616 (609 x 563 x 625)
  • Oxidation catalyst specification size (length x width x height) with power steering (mm): M/T car 625 x 563 x 625. A/T car 625 x 563 x 616
  • Maintenance weight (kg): M/T car 71, A/T car 69 (70)
  • Suction (before dead centre opening) at valve opening and shutting time (times): M/T car 11, A/T car 15(11)
  • Suction close (after bottom dead center) at valve open and shutting time (times): M/T car 45, A/T car 45, (45)
  • Exhaust (before bottom dead center opening) at valve opening and *shutting time (times): M/T car and 51 A/T car and 51 (51)
  • Exhaust Hei (after dead centre) at valve opening and shutting time (times): M/T car and 7 A/T car and 11 (7)
  • Valve space and suction (between temperatures) (times): M/T car 0.25 A/T car 0.25 (0.25)
  • Valve space and exhaust (between temperatures) (times): M/T car 0.30 A/T car 0.30 (0.30)
  • Ignition timing/idol rotational speed * idol (BTD°C/rpm): M/T car 15±5/700, A/T car 12±5/900 (18±5/750)
  • Ignition timing/idol rotational speed * initial (ATD°C/rpm): M/T car 2/700, A/T car 2/900 (2/750)
  • Density (%/ppm) of idol CO/HC
  • (maintenance target value)
  • A: At the second introduction of air

(Feedback compared with empty fuel cost operates.) From M/T car 0.5 or less to 200 or less. From A/T car 0.5 or less to 200 or less (200 or less from 0.5 or less)

  • B: At the second cutting of air: M/T car 1.5/800 or less. A/T car 1.5/800 or less. (1.5/800 or less)
  • Engine oil (factory shipped): 10W-40
  • Capacity of oil pan (H level) (L): 3.0
  • Capacity of oil filter (L): About 0.2
  • Cooling water capacity (L): About 4.0

NAPS specification list

  • Two kinds of engine specification: MA10 oxidation catalyst/MA10 three-way catalyst
  • Fuel device: Single carburetor
  • Ontotono air cleaner and automatic operation/automatic operation
  • 55/55 at idol compensator operating temperature (°C)
  • Starting aids: Electric auto Onnets heating type full auto chalk
  • Suction heating method and warm water heating
  • NOx Decrease device and EGR device (method): Load proportion type
  • NOx Decrease device and TV valve (2) operating temperatures (°C) 50/50
  • CO, HC Decrease device - catalyst kind - Monolith type oxidation *catalyst/monolith type three-way catalyst
  • CO, HC Decrease device and size of catalyst converter (L): 0.5/0.7
  • CO, HC Decrease device and EAI device: It is and there is no.
  • CO, HC Decrease device and TV valve (2) operating temperatures (°C): 40. There is no setting.
  • The vehicle exhaust emission decrease device and Falcat device when *decelerating. It is and there is.
  • The vehicle exhaust emission decrease device and dash jar when decelerating. There is only A/T car (touch rotational speed and 2000 rpm) and is no/setting.
  • ECC control unit and controller, power valve and vacuum control valve/O2 sensor compared with empty fuel cost
  • Control at ignition timing controller and control at idol ignition timing
  • Exhaust temperature warning device (°C): 940/940
  • Fuel evaporation (Ebabo) gas control device and canister type/canister type
  • Closed crankcase emission control system and closed expression/expression

Explanation of vehicles equipped with MA10S

  • New sale K10-000001~ (initial type) in October 1982.
  • Form E K10 type car and form number E (It is exhaust emission regulations acceptable cars for Syouwa53 years) - K10 (vehicle form).
  • Example of written report classification sign and GA (specification)(automatic operation) WB (power steering)(energy-absorbing bumper)
  • Example of in-house sign and K10G A (specification) (gear-change) PB (power steering) (heat ray Riyauindor)

Nissan K10 type March Detailed history model composition

  • 1978It starts the development of an age first head, Nissan Motor Co., and the one-liter-engine car.
  • Liter car development project "The KX plan" in an uncertain year

It starts in the origin of president of Ishihara「石原 隆」 (at that time) direct control of Nissan.

1980 YEARS

  • 1981.10/30~11/10、

In the 24th Motor Show (Tokyo Harumi)Ja 東京 晴海 FF1000CC passenger car and "NX.018" reference exhibition.

  • 1981.10/29~1982.1/15、

The recruitment campaign of the car name is executed in 1966 Nissan Sunny 日産・サニー (B10 type), and the number of applications from the whole country reaches 5.65 million. It made to the Datsun track ダットサン・トラック and it became 16. As for best 5 of the application name, suitably to a new sales strategy of Nissan, and "March" マーチ also in which the March was meant as a car name that seemed to be the new model as the one's first campaign was chosen though the applicant who enumerated (1) PONY, (2) FRIEND, (3)LOVELY, (4) SHUTTLE,(5)SNEAKER, " the MARCH" in the candidate was 164th place in 2.1% and the orders.

  • It pre-campaigned to the sale thereafter for one year. Advertising expense at this time : compared with the new model of the other companies.

(one model example and 1 billion-1.5 billion yen)It becomes a rumor of the industry when was spending three times cost (With three billion and four billion yen).

  • Murayama the third factory construct exceptional and a new factory = when risking it in the history of Nissan Motor Co. of production side Sara type car.

216 great industrial robots were introduced into the body in the increase of an order outside 20,000(at that time) monthly production abilities and by itself-affiliated and a new customer and the production processes, painting, and assemblies (The world level is exceeded at that time). It aimed at the low cost case, the high quality, and low-cost, and as a result, do high qualitys, and it contributed to the low price case more than the car about the March so far.

  • 1982.It is K10 type March new sale *. about 10/22 and AM 11:00(Japan)

The new car announcement press conference seemed to be done in Nissan Motor Co. headquarters in Tokyo and Higashi-Ginza, 銀座 and there to be a yell of "It was a car in a small body with a big possibility" and "International sales strategy model".

  • 1982Announcement on age October 22 Debut
  • 3Door hatchback 987 cc FWD. (March G and 798,000 yen)
  • Chassis clocking on?、K10-000001-/ engine?MA10-000001~。
  • (PS/rpm)57/6000 max power max torque (kg.m/rpm)8.0/3600
  • Engine/model composition

Five manual transmission cars and four manual transmission cars and MА10S Cabratar specification and oxidation/three-way catalyst engine/ELSG specification/L(car three-way catalyst of five L specification velocities) ・G specification /3AT car and specification of LSG

  • E(Easy drive)car (Only note and this vehicle are the design grills only for the lattice type only for E type) devoted to the basic function.
  • L(Luxury) It is a basic model and a practical car for the young person of the family.
  • S(Sufficient)Ragjuaricar that attempted enhancement of function and interior.
  • G(Grand) It is the highest class car of a sporty mood and an image leader car of the March. (G and power steering and manufacturer option)。
  • The general view of an initial type and it characterizes, and it is a side-view mirror, and made of the resin. two kinds of bumper and PP (Poriprorebin)

(with Ranfors made of high-tensile steel board)In E, L, and S specification car, it is resin firing body energy-absorbing body (urethane) bumper and reception desks. The bumper adopts air intake addition). The reception desk washer nozzle installs a central part in the single it. The Frontogrilgarnish shape adheres and the body color adheres to G type specification car by a straight line design. (Exclude it only for E type. )、 Rear..back-up lamp..taillight..on earth..structure..emblem..ornament..reception desk..part..face..right..rear..taillight..lower side..install..face..left..right..rear..hatchback..license..part..side..each..grade..feature.

  • Body color(six all colors)
  • (♯002)White. E, L, S, and G specification car.
  • (♯006" Silver metallic.E,L, S, and G specification car.
  • (♯013)Red. E, L, S, and G specification car.
  • (♯059)Red (♯013) Two-tone. G specification car of/Gray Metallic (♯028).
  • (♯121)Blue. L, S, and G specification car.
  • (♯129)Orange. G specification car.
    • Interior color.
  • Brown. E, L, S, and G specification car.
  • Gray. L, S, and G Specification car.
  • Black. G Specification car.
  • Seat ground(♯ sign is a body color. )
  • Moquette (lattice handle Brown) G specification (♯002).
  • Moquette(lattice handle black) G specification (Excluding ♯002).
  • Lace Itohira(Brown) S specification (♯002).
  • Lace Itohira(gray)S specification (♯129 and ♯059 are excluded excluding ♯002).
  • Ocomou tricot (Brown)L specification (♯002).
  • (♯129 and ♯059 are excluded excluding ♯002 Ocomou tricot (gray) L specification)
  • Print leather (Brown)E specification (♯002,♯013).
  • 1983April of age Three door hatchback car and specification .. G-COLLET ' addition. (COLLET' コレット and 820,000 yen)

- 4MT/3AT car(power steering setting and manufacturer option)

  • 1983July of age The Nissan Motor Co. and establishment 50th anniversary limited model 50 SPECIAL Ⅱ(TWO) sale.
    • This car sells it in Japan and 2000 whole countries based on March G type specification car on the 50th anniversary.

It is in the middle point of the march with the door mirror from the March with the side-view mirror. High-level seat ground/door crossing of a radial tire of the door mirror (electric remote control type), the bronze glass shield, the special body color (♯826 Black Metallic), and the accent pinstripe and 155SR12 size and special central cap for the wheel, a reception desk car badge of commemoration, a three-dimensional, rear emblem of commemoration, and the exclusive use (velour and red) etc. are adopted as special equipment.

  • 1983September of age Five door hatchback car new establishment Sadamu and .. FT, ' FC', Specification and three door hatchback sunroof car, and 'G-1' .. addition of specification. (5 doors FT and AT specification car and 897,000 yen)
  • Five door FT specification and three doors G-1 were equipped with electric remote-controlled door mirror along with the general view and the door mirror equipment opening in Japan.
  • Chassis No.Five door HB car, K10-103520./3 door HB sunroof car, and K10-104401
  • Model composition(There are neither an engine nor a main change point. )
    • FT(Family Toring)/FC(Family Custom)

Five door hatchback car, four manual transmission cars, FTFC/5 manual transmission cars, FT/3AT cars, and FTFC (There is FT specification car Pawarstering setting car). Three door hatchback car, 4MT, and G-COLLETGSLE (There is G-COLLET specification car and G specification car.. Pawarstering setting car). /five manual transmission cars and specifications of FTG-1GL (L is an engine only for 5MT)(There is FT specification car Pawarstering setting car). /3AT car and specification of FTFCG-COLLETSL (There is FTG-COLLETG specification car Pawarstering setting car).

- 3The back sets a tilt and a besides detachable two way type glass sunroof to door hatchback "G-1" specification as standard equipment.

  • Body color and ten all colors. - New color and [M]are Metallic.
  • (♯002)It adopts it besides White. and the COLLET specification car.
  • (♯006)- ♯010 Gold excluding Silver M. E, COLLET, and the G-1 specification M. Five doors FC and FT specification cars.
  • (♯013)Red. All cars(Interior Irotiga it and there is an adoption difference. )
  • (♯059)Gray M, Red/two-tone. G specification car exclusive use
  • (♯121)It adopts it for Blue. L, S, G specification car.
  • (♯129)It adopts it for an Orange and an interior color and a Black car of G specification.
  • ♯Silver M and Black M/Two-Tone. COLLET specification exclusive use
    • (♯826)Black Metallic Three door G-1 specification car
    • (♯104)Green Metallic Five doors FC and FT specification cars.
  • Interior color
  • Brown. E, L, S, G, FC, and FT specification
  • Gray. L, S, COLLET, FC, and FT specification
  • Black. G and G-1 specification
  • Seat ground
  • Print leather
  • Ocomou tricot(part)
  • Cloth
  • Moquette
  • High-level Ocomou tricot(all aspects)
  • W Russell(part)
  • W Russell(all aspects)
  • 1984Introductory of pubescence and Nissan tradition race category

One makeup race by the K10 type March "March cup" is held.

  • 1984February of age Superlative degree model of five door hatchback car and ..' FV '.. addition of specification car.

- ) specification car of vivid Vivide→ FV(Family and Vivide) (aimed in the family that provided with gorgeousness and sporty for a sporty user.

  • ChassisNo、Five door HB/FV specification car and K10-122144
  • Neither the model composition (There are neither an engine nor a main change point) nor the model composition change. 4MT, 5MT, and 3AT car that only additional model and FV specification car describe here(power steering setting and manufacturer option)
  • Adoption of general view and large-scale energy-absorbing urethane bumper (with stripe) and adoptions of side guard lace with stripe

FV】 Black paint is added to Saidoshil for the emblem addition and the externals improvement, and it the standard of the same mudguard as the G-1 specification adopts it. The bronze glass is adopted for the glass of window shield/door/backing door. Adoption of electric remote-controlled door mirror.

  • Shetoriftar of parallel type manual operation is adopted for the interior and the reception desk seat. Door crossing only for FV specification car and adoption of cloth that uses Shincarpail ground. Tachometer and cancer grip type shift knob adoption. (* Body color/interior color is order in FC and the FT specification car. )
  • Seat ground and Shincarpail (all aspects) Brown/Gray of FV specification car.
  • 1985February of age minor change. Mid-term type so-called. Addition of theMARCH TURBO マーチ・ターボ specification car (equipped with MA10ET engine).

Standard specification car, G, COLLET, FT, and FV adopted the slash type grill of an asymmetric design, adopted body color Carardogril, and a black grill was adopted for L, G-1, and FC in G, COLLET, FT, and FV. (E specification car continues the grill design only for the lattice type. )、The design of the taillight was changed besides a large-scale bumper was adopted, and the design change at the tail gate, the addition of the side turn signal lamp, and the backing light were arranged in the bumper. COLLET manual transmission car..slope..stopper..adoption..manual transmission car..climb up the slope..road..slope..start..facilitate..auxiliary far..brake..system..pressure..holding..valve..additional a result..clutch..pedal..depress..brake pedal..return..brake..hydraulic pressure..maintain..stop..continuance..clutch..gas pedal..gradually..return..depress..start..parking brake..return..operation..unnecessary..become. Even inexperienced those who drove had a start operation smooth ..the same as a smooth road.. can done the climbing up the slope road start. Three door HB "Turbo" equipped with engine (987cc) in the three-way catalyst with union and the MA10ET type water-cooled turbo is added in MA10S. The TURBO specification wears an aero exclusive use, and it characterizes in the center part below in a full bumper made of PP large-scale, the colored peoples horizontal crosspiece type front grille with the mudguard center and the round type fog lamp, and Riaspoirar on construction and externals (three door TURBO and 1 million 145 thousand yen)

  • The reception desk apron is an adoption of a big thing of the cutting lack for the exterior and the turbo specification car from a standard car because of the exclusive use and full the bumper installation.

The design of the backing door of whole emphasized the plane or more and the squarish feeling than before, and aimed at Sharp. Moreover, the enlargement of the bumper was given and the stability or more was given by the rear combinations lamp shape change.

  • ・The monotone body color car of the reception desk bumper whole and the TURBO specification car is two-tone specifications auto in a black bumper.

It is a white bumper of ..peel.. ,. (* The body color can be selected and the white monotone specification car select a white bumper by the manufacturer option. )A standard car is a black bumper.

  • ・Emblem and ornament

The change and the TURBO specification car of the arrangement of the reception desk arranged it in Migituuou toward ..arrangement.. besides in the place where the emblem was central of special 【NISSAN】. The side part arranges the 【COLLET】 sticker only for the COLLET specification car under B pillar. The G-1 specification car the fender arch inclined to the upper part of the accent line of the center part of the body, the door, and the body, and arranged a large-scale 【G-1】 sticker in the space on the body side. It changes in the arrangement of rear, a small 【NISSAN MARCH】 sticker (Excluding the TURBO specification car and the G-1 specification car) is arranged, and the COLLET specification car arranges the 【G-COLLET】 sticker from a right taillight to the upper part in the upper part of the left toward toward. The turbo specification car and the G-1 specification car : a large-scale 【NISSAN MARCH】 sticker toward with a right license lamp case. It arranges it the plane part between right taillights and a little downward. The 【TURBO】 sticker of the TURBO specification car was arranged left similarly. Two kinds of accent stripes are set to the upper part of the part of central abandonment, monotone, and the two-tone painting car of the TURBO specification car by 【TURBO】 lettered, and the two-tone painting car of G, G-1, and the COLLET specification car sets it under the part of the body central department abandonment on the body side. The accent stripe that enclosed the door glass to the upper part of the waistline was set to the COLLET monotone painting car. ・The shape of the exterior mirror (door mirror) was changed. Riaspoirar was set up in the TURBO specification car and the G-1 specification car, assumed to be a dauntless styling to the center part under a rear window as new parts, and the improvement of the fuel cost consumption by stability and the air resistance decrease when high-speed running was aimed at.

  • A standard car assumed the width of the side guard lace to be 60milli of 10milli width, and aimed at the improvement of the stability and externals.

)(with stripe excluding FT and FC.The TURBO specification car : to a reception desk and a rear fender. The externals improvement was attempted by setting up the site shield in the space between Ts the bumper upper surface suiting and the fender.

  • Chassis No、K10-400161/engine form number clocking on №MA10S→MA10-311572A~/MA10ET→MA10-307828A~。
  • Model composition and engine

There are neither MA10S(ECC) max power nor a max torque change. Colette of three door hatchback car, four manual transmission cars, and ELG (four S specification manual transmission car abolition)(COLLET specification power steering car setting) /five manual transmission cars and LG-1 (G specification five manual transmission car abolition)/COLLET of 3AT car and LG(S specification 3AT car abolition) Five door hatchback car, four manual transmission cars, and FCFT (four FV specification car manual transmission car abolition)/five manual transmission cars and FV(FT specification car five manual transmission car abolition) /3AT car and FCFTFV(FV specification power steering car setting) 85/6000 MA10ET(ECCS) max power (PS/rpm) max torque (kg-m/rpm)12.0/4400 5MT, 3AT car, and the turbo specification only of three door hatchback car.

  • 9 body color all colors. - The sign is a new color.
  • (♯002)White
  • (♯006)Silver(M)
  • (♯013)Red
    • (♯111)Dark Blue and G specification car
    • (♯137)(♯111 and ♯002)Two-tone Blue and TURBO specification car.
    • (♯276)(♯013 and ♯826)Two-tone Red and G specification car and G-1 specification car.
    • (♯337) Lemon Yellow and COLLET specification car
  • (♯393)→(♯826 and ♯006) Black Two-tone
  • (♯826) Black(M)
  • Interior color
  • Gray. E, L, G, COLLET, FC, FT, and FV
  • Brown. LGFCFTFV
  • Black. G-1 and TURBO
  • 1986Limited model in March of age and TURBO WHITE SELECT ターボ・ホワイト セレクトsale. (TURBO WHITE SELECT and 1.18 million yen).

Nissan March Turbo White select 1986/3 Special limited sales car The whole country and 1500 limitations are put on the market only in Japan.

  • -March turbo "W・S" special equipment.-
    • Three spoke steering wheel with 〔W・S〕 mark.
    • Reception desk bucket seat and exclusive use and full crossing cloth(gray-collar,diagonal stripes).
    • Rear seat, split high backseat, and exclusive use and full crossing cloth(gray-collar,diagonal stripes).
    • The bronze glass shield(only for turbo and WS.)
    • Special Body-steccar 【W・S】logo.
  • 1986 September of age " PUMPS!" パンプス addition of specification car of can change of clothes selection of the main seat table ground. (PUMPS! and 816,000 yen)
  • 3Door HB car and 4MT/3AT
  • Engine and MA10S
  • Four manual transmission car 630/3AT car and 660 car heavy (kg)
  • Size 145SR12 of the tire.
  • Main equipment and externals of PUMPS specification car.
  • Large-scale Carardobampar (with stripe)
  • Color door hawfinch Tori front grille
  • Carardodoamirar and 【"PUMPS"】 decal
  • Full wheel cover
  • Rear window with heat ray
  • Large-scale halogen headlamp
  • -Interior-
  • 7Color seat *
  • See-through type headrest
  • Full door trim
  • Rear Purcell shelf (backing door synchronization type)
  • Vanity mirror (driver side)
  • 2This spoke steering wheel (with special emblem)
  • Heater control lighting
  • Front seat ELR3 point expression seat belt
  • Sun visorDriver/, both of the navigator
  • Storage compartment in the door(driver side)
  • Harti guide *(* The sign is a Diller option. )
  • -Mechanism-

Slope stopper.

  • Body color and (♯002) White.
  • Interior color and Gray.
  • Seat ground and suede Totonoocomou tricot.
    • The front seat for front/rear seat one set and change of clothes and is possible an additional order by the separates type and the optional, and, after fixing the fastener near infinity, can wash the combination of the colors to the main seat color in standard equipment by seven colors of the sherbet tone.

The seat color variation has Harbor Blue, Crape Yellow, Pola Blue, the Shell Pink, Cosmo Green, Pumpkin Yellow, and Peacock Blue.

  • 1986Age It enters K10 type March (MA10S) and All-Japan rally championship A class and Doraibarzchampion is acquired.
  • 1987Year 1/March (E-BK10 type) Special edition, Pike car the first, two door sedan of sale at limited time, and Be-1 ' new sale. The Be-1' Canvas top specification car adds it back. 5 manual transmission cars and 1 million 293 thousand yen
  • 1987August of age Addition of a part of car only for change and MARCH CANVAS TOP. マーチ・キャンバストップ Abolition of G-1 specification car. Expansion setting of power steering to all cars except five L specification manual transmission cars by manufacturer option. Do the trim of a large amount of adoption and the interior of a new color to the body color, and the seat cloth is changed. The MA10ET engine abolishes the EGR device by the best control compared with empty fuel cost. The canvas top ground : in the black and the manufacturer option.

There was a beige, too.

  • Chassis No、K10-570001~(Another and chassis No One content, and K10-531395-531401, K10-540260-540273, and 554055-554057)
  • Engine No、MA10-656962A~
  • Model composition and engine
  • 10.8/4400 52/6000 and max torque (kg-m/rpm). MA10S max power (PS/rpm)
  • PUMPS COLLET of 3door hatchback, four manual transmission cars, and ELG specification/PUMPS CANVAS TOP of five manual transmission cars, L, 3AT CANVAS TOP specification/car, and LG specification
  • 5Door hatchback, four manual transmission cars, and FCFT specification/5MT, 3AT FV specification/car, and FCFTFV specifications
  • 10.8/4400 76/6000 and max torque (kg-m/rpm).. MA10ET and max power (PS/rpm)
  • 3Door hatchback, 5MT, 3AT car, and TURBO specification.
    • The power steering setting (manufacturer option) excludes five L type specification manual transmission cars.
  • They are a body colors, ten all colors, and * signs are new colors. (There is presence by combining the interior colors about the setting. )
  • (♯013)Red.PUMPSspecification.TURBO specification..excluding.
  • (♯337)Lemon Yellow. and COLLET specification
  • CANVAS TOP specification car.
    • (♯531)Crystal White. and All cars
    • (♯532)Black Metallic. and TURBO specification car
    • (♯549)Silver Metallic. FC specification, FT specification, and FV specification car.
    • (♯BG1)Graish Gray Metallic and TURBO specification car.
    • (♯BG5)Blue. COLLET specification, and CANVAS TOP specification car.
    • (♯BG8)Blue-black. L specification, G specification, COLLET specification, and canvas top specification car.
    • (♯4G0)(♯BG8 and ♯549)Two-tone and COLLET specification car.
    • (♯5G4)(♯532 and ♯549)Two-tone and TURBO specification car.
  • -Interior color-
  • Gray. E, L, and PUMPS, COLLET, CANVAS TOP, FC, FT, and FV
  • Beige. G, FC, FT, and FV
  • Black. G and TURBO
  • Seat ground
  • Ocomou tricot
  • Plain weave
  • Jersey(The CANVAS TOP specification is an Ivory. )
  • 1987It enters age and March (MA10S) All-Japan rally championship A class and Doraibarzchampion is acquired.
  • 1987It is age WRC, a safari rally, and NRS (Nissan Motor rally service). However,

The March TURBO participation.

  • 1988 i.Z 【aizi:】アイ・ズィー Three door hatchback car and specification car i.Z sale in January of age.
  • 4MT and 3AT car

640 car heavy (kg)(670)

  • ・Standard equipment of i.Z specification.
  • Power steering
  • Air conditioner (sales companies installation)
  • Large-scale halogen headlamp
  • Door mirror
  • Rear window with heat ray
  • AM radio
  • Sports type steering wheel
  • Special seat (check handle cloth)
  • Recliner (front seat high backseat)
  • Expression seat belt of front seat ELR assistant three points
  • Rear Purcell shelf
  • Rageggelumutorim
  • Large-scale resin bumper with stripe
  • Side guard lace with stripe
  • Special side decal (sticker)
  • Front wheel disk brake & brake booster
  • 145SR12 steel radial tire
  • Assistance Mary front grille (body color)
  • Staildohoel
  • Option
  • Cassette stereo (dealer) with AM/FM multi-radio
  • Fsemabayu inside mirror (dealer)
  • F/R mudguard (dealer)

Aluminum loading wheel

  • Body color

(♯531)Crystal White (♯013)Red (♯BG8)Dark Blue (♯BG5)Blue

  • Interior color and Gray
  • Seat ground
  • Plain weave(special color)
  • 1988 MARCH TURBO and JH Hayes/A.Levian class wins the tenth place A3 class of the synthesis the championship by age WRC the 36th Safari rally.
  • 1988August of age

Correspondence model of motor sports activity and March R マーチ・アール specification car limited release. It chiefly takes an active part by "All-Japan rally championship" of a domestic rally. The air Bulge in the bonnet for the intercooler is a corner as for another and ..addition.. side turn signal lamp and it is full, and adopts the dual exhaust pipe mainly on the face. Another design continues the externals design after the type is put on the market at the K10 march series latter term like the mid-term type design of the minor change in 1985 so-called. (R and 1 million 248 thousand yen)

  • Body color and ♯531 Crystal White(note and basic color)
  • Interior color and off Black
  • Chassis No、EK-10-00001 -/engine No、MA09-001001~
  • Model composition and engine
  • -MA10S-
  • PUMPS, COLLET of 3door HB, four manual transmission cars, and ELi.ZG specification/PUMPS, COLLET, CANVAS TOP of five manual transmission cars, L, 3AT CANVAS TOP specification/car, and Li-ZG specification
  • 5Door HB, four manual transmission cars, and FCFT specification/5MT, 3AT FV specification/car, and FC・FT・FV specifications
  • -MA10ET、-
  • 3Door HB, 5MT, 3AT, and TURBO
  • 13.3/4800 110/6400 and max torque (kg-m/rpm)MA09ERT max power (PS/rpm)
  • 3Door HB, five manual transmission cars, and R specifications
  • 1989It is age, WRC the second war, Monte Carlo Rally, and the MARCH TURBO participation and the driver are P. Eklund. (etc. note and investigation necessary)
  • 1989 year, WRC 4th game, with safari rally MARCH TURBO, L. Morgan/the L.Marote group, woman combination (※Applause!)Comprehensive 12 rank, class victory.
  • 1989 year, WRC 13th game, with RAC rally, the MARCH TURBO, P. Ekurund/D. Uitotsugu group, it reaches participation and comprehensive 21 rank and class 3 rank.

  • 1989Minor change in January of age. Latter term type so-called. Five doors hatchback car

i・Z are put on the market the specification car. SUPER TURBO スーパーターボ specification car is put on the market. Abolition of engine only for five L type velocities. (SUPER TURBO and 1 million 308 thousand yen)

  • A standard car is adoption, and i of the large-scale side guard panel in the adoption of the body color front grille, the adoption of the shape change and the bumper made of a large-scale resin, and the COLLET specification cars. The power window is adopted for the design change and the FV specification car of a full wheel cover and it is new establishment Sadamu in i.Z, PUMPS, the change of the design of the side lace of FT and the FV specification car, the change of the design of the headlamp and the clearance lamp, PUMPS, and COLLET, TURBO, and the FV specification car. To attempt all cars except R and oneness of the reception desk food and the front grille, it abolishes it the accent line with the press in a change of the design of food up-to-date shape (extension of straight line → grill point of contact part) and an upper center part of food. The shape change of the side turn signal lamp (※R specification car has changed to rectangle → round type so far).
  • The slope stopper the standard is adopted for the manual transmission car, COLLET, and the PUMPS specification car of three doors HB.
  • As a manufacturer option

The detaching type glass sunroof is adopted for PUMPS, COLLET, TURBO, and the SUPER TURBO specification car. An Electric Canvas top is adopted for PUMPS, COLLET, and the TURBO specification car. A standard car and it.front grille design. unites it E specification car. (However, it is no painting resin bumper. )

  • The dual exhaust pipe is added, and adopted for TURBO and the SUPER TURBO specification car besides R specification.

A sporty image was expressed by a special design by compact, powerful sporty of the rally car in a past, aero sense without, and SUPER TURBO of the new sale (equipped with MA09ERT) was food Bulge, was a front grille, was a grill burial type round type fog lamp, was the exclusive use and large-scale a resin bumper, was a side mudguard, was a roof spoiler, and adopted a full wheel cover etc. of a full-color specification. The chipping guard of a roof spoiler of the same shape as {ST}SUPER TURBO and new shape and mudguards were adopted in the TURBO specification car.

  • Engine No、・Type of MA10 type and MA10-941604 MA09 and MA09-001373.
  • Chassis No、・E-K10 type, K10-611726-E-EK10 type, and K10-00051-. (* Since K10-650079 before the minor change. )
  • Model composition/engine
  • Five door HB car and specification car only for model abolition arrangement, three door HB car, L, G, and the March CANVAS TOP/FC specification car abolition.
  • Five door HB car and new establishment Sadamu, three door HB car, and SUPER TURBO specification car/i.Z specification car.
  • -MA10S-
  • 3Door HB, four manual transmission cars, E, five manual transmission cars, PUMPS, 3AT COLLET specification/car, i.Z specification/E, and i.Z, PUMPS, and COLLET specification(- The power steering and E specification are the options. Another specification car equips it normally. )。
  • Five manual transmission cars, 5door HB, four manual transmission cars, and i.Z specifications/FT, 3AT FV specification/car, i.Z, FT, and FV specification.
  • -MA10ET-

Three doors HB and 5MT/3AT car and TURBO specifications (power steering standard equipment).

  • -MA09ERT-、

Three doors HB, five manual transmission cars, and R., 3AT SUPER TURBO specification/car, and the Superturbo specifications (There is not both R and the S・T specification car power steering settings).

  • Body color and nine all colors. (* The sign is a new color. )。
    • (♯526)Red. It adopts it besides FT excluding turbo and the SUPER TURBO specification car and The interior color Brown specification car of FV.
  • ♯(531)White. Excluding the interior color Gray specification car of FT and FV
  • ♯(532)Black Metallic. Excluding E, COLLET, FT, and FV
  • ♯(549)Silver Metallic. Excluding the interior color Brown specification car of E, PUMPS, SUPER TURBO, FT, and FV
    • (♯DH4)Granish Silver Metallic. It adopts it only for FT and the FV specification car. (Excluding the interior color gray. )
    • (♯EH6)Graish Yellow Green. COLLET specification exclusive use
    • (♯FH1)Bluish Green. It adopts it excluding interior color Brown of E, TURBO, SUPER TURBO, FT, and FV.
    • (♯TH1)It adopts it excluding interior color Brown of Dark Blue (two court pearl tone), E, TURBO, SUPER TURBO, FT, and FV.
    • (♯TH9)Parprish Blue. It adopts it for TURBO and SUPER TURBO.
  • -Interior color-
  • Gray
  • Black
  • Brown.
  • 1989Age, fighting WRC the sixth, Acropolis Rally, March Superturbo, and P Eklund/B. The Sedelbelg class is the tenth synthesis place.

Class victory. Classification and supercharging displacement 930 cc x1.4 time(The car of Nutorasheno (driver) enters the war the uncertainty, and investigate of the necessity. )

  • 1989 All-Japan Rally championship series victory of EK10FR type March R equipped with age MA09ERT (Cless than 1600 cc from B class 1001 cc or more class).
  • 1989 year, WRC 7th game, Rally of New Zealand、 March Super turbo, the P. debitsut /W. Jones group, Group. N, comprehensive 3 rank, class 2 rank acquisition.
  • 1989January of age Special edition, the second Pike car bounce, three door hatchback of sale at limited time, and PAO パオ (E-PK10 type) new sale. There were a normal roof specification and a canvas top specification. (PAO AT specification car and 1.44 million yen)

1990 YEARS

  • 1990 One i.Z specification car change in January of age.
  • 1991January of age 3/5 door hatchback car and the i.z-f specification car is put on the market. (3 doors HB and i・Z-f car and 733,000 yen)
  • Car name form and E-EK10 type.
  • Model, 3/5 door HB, and 4MT/3AT car "i.z-f" "i.Z" specification car
  • 3Door HB, 4MT/3AT, and E specification car.
  • 3Door HB, 5MT/3AT, PUMPS specification, COLlET specification, TURBO specification, and SUPER TURBO specification car.
  • 3Door HB, 5MT, and R specification car.
  • 5Door HB, 5MT/3AT, FT specification, and FV specification car.
  • -Body color-
  • (♯531)Crystal White, i.Z specification 3/5 door car, and i.z-f specification 3/5 door car.
  • 3Door HB, E specification, PUMPS specification, COLLET specification, TURBO specification, SUPER TURBO specification, and R specification car. Five doors HB and All specification cars.
  • (♯526)Super-Red and car i.z-f 3/5 door of 3/5 i.Z specification doors specification car. 3Door TURBO specification TURBO doors HB and All specification cars.
  • (♯549)Silver M. 3/5 Door car i.z-f specification of i.Z specification 3/5 doors door car. Three doors HB and TURBO specification cars. Five doors HB and All specification cars.
  • (♯EH6)Olive Yellow. and three door HB COLLET specification car.
  • (♯FH1)Active Green., PUMPS specification, and SUPER TURBO specification car.
  • (♯TH1)Velvet Pearl Blue., i.Z specification 3/5door car, and i.z-f 3/5 specification door car. doors HB and All specification cars.

(♯TH9)Towaraitoblu, three door HB TURBO specification, and SUPER TURBO specification car.

  • (♯532)Black M., 3/5 door i.Z specification car, and i.z-f 3/5 door specification car.

Three doors HB and PUMPS specification, TURBO specification, and SUPER TURBO specification cars.

  • (♯DH4)Grinish Gray., five doors HB, and FT specification and FV specification cars.
  • (♯DH-0)Jungle Green M. and car i.z-f 3/5 door of 3/5 i.Z specification doors specification car.
  • (♯KJ-1)Topaz Gold M .and car i.z-f 3/5 door of 3/5 i.Z specification doors specification car
  • -Interior color-
  • Gray
  • Brown
  • Black gray
  • Seat ground (the main part)(* The display color is an approximation color. )
  • ・Ocomou Tricot, E specification, and R specification (Gray).
  • ・Jersey, i.z specification (Gray), COLLET specification (Ivory), and FV specification (Beige/Brown).
  • ・Plain weave and i.z‐f specification (light Gray).
  • ・Tricot, TURBO specification, and SUPER TURBO specification (Silky, Dark Silver of print ground).
  • ・Diagonal Weave. and FT specification(light Gray/Light Brown)
    • About the seat color of the PUMPS specification car and the trim of the reaching door part (lining).

Only border : the great rim to the headrest and the seat back. It is six kinds in the free selection combination type. It is as follows in the combination of the manufacturer recommendations. - ( ) The manufacturer option number.

  • (♯FH1)Active Green … Border (approximating Dark-Skinned Ash/white) (P2).

Rib knitted (approximation color Light Green) (P4).

  • (♯532)Black M… Glen Check (approximation color Brown) (P3).
  • (♯526)Super-Red … Jacquard (approximation color Light Gray) (P5).
  • (♯531)Crystal White … Dungaree (approximation color Medium Gray) (P6).
  • (♯TH1)Velvet Pearl Blue … Pays Lee (approximation color Brown) (P7).
  • 1991Age K10 type the March and All model production END.
  • 1991February of age The limited release special edition, the third Pike car bounce, two door coupe, and after the K10 March series production ends, FIGARO フィガロ (MA10ET) (E-FK10 type)987CC turbo is put on the market. (1.87 million yen)
  • 1992Age It shifts to 3/5 the K11 type March doors HB1000/1300?(FWD) by restyling in 1/April.

K10 type March Limited editions

Now Only the model form number is distinguished. Equipment, the painting color, and the form are uncertain. Wide, more detailed information is recruited.

March K10 type car

  • Special specification limited model
  • Anniversary version
  • (march 50 special),It is 9K10GL9(F4) on all three doors.
  • K10FL9(F5) and K10AL9 (assistant Tolcon)
  • It seemed to have been put on the market in June, '83.
  • It seem to be in details (part circular 82-102).

Moreover, the turbo white selection specification car :.

  • The vehicle models 04ZK10FTEH1, 04ZK10FTEH1R, 04ZK10FTEH1W, 04ZK10ATEH1, 04ZK10ATEH1R, 04ZK10ATEH1W
  • 6 ..drinking.. models
  • It seemed to have been put on the market in April, '86.
  • (part circular 86-031)

Kanto district limitation specification

  • 03ZK10B1P, 03ZK10A1P
  • However, it was put on the market in October, '87.
  • (part circular 87-171)

Dinos specification

  • K10LP2, K10LA2
  • This : though is only five doors.
  • It is put on the market in April, '88.
  • (part circular 88-049)

Similarly for Akita Prefecture in August, '88 Limited specification car of five doors 04ZK10L1P and 04ZK10LA1P However, it is De. (part circular 88-125)

Besides, it is S specification auto (Is it details, an uncertainty, note, and S type specification car?). There seems to have been a patrol car specification car. In addition, chameleon version. Because details are uncertain though it seem to have been.

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