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Back O' Beyond

Back O' Beyond is a rural area of San Andreas in the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It is around 5 minutes from Mount Chilliad (based on Mount Diablo) and around the same from Los Santos (Los Angeles)

It is shaped like a big foot, thus making it the best place to hunt for Bigfoot or Sasquatch. It has some strange locations in the area as well, one being a hill, which when you stand near, a smashed up Glendale with no driver rolls down and then suddenly stops. Also there is a pond, or small lake, that when you drive a car into it, the parts which are underwater become invisible, but the half above water is completely visible. There are also rumors that there are some trees with strange appearances and glitches, like the Walk-Through Tree, and the Floating Tree. On the road heading directly through Back O' Beyond, around 15 feet down the road, on the left there is a pedestrian with a camera taking pictures of Los Santos. After taking a few photos, the photographer puts his/her camera away and walks into the water and drowns. This person is known as the Suicidal Photographer

When you exit Back O' Beyond to the north, you come out at Flint County, where you have a choice whether to turn to San Fierro (San Francisco) and Eater Bay Airport, or back to Los Santos.

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