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B.N.F (J-Com man)

is the handle name used by Japanese Trader, a Tokyo, Minato Ward based Japanese trader—known for his prodigious earnings in the stock market—on the online message board, 2channel.

J-Com Co Order Misplacement Blunder

On December 8, 2005 an order from Mizuho Securities meant to sell 1 share of J-Com Co for 610,000 yen was mistakenly entered as a sale of 610,000 shares at 1 yen, resulting in an estimate loss of $347 million. Following the incident, though a considerable number of firms who had profitted from the order misplacement agreed to hand back their earnings (41.38%), a good number of individual traders refused to do so, as they were not obliged under Japanese law. Such was the case of B.N.F, who managed to amass, in a period of just ten minutes, a figure of 2 billion yen (apr. US$20 million).

Following the incident, the J-Com man was interviewed several times, eventually agreeing to show himself in person on March 28, 2006 on the Japanese television show 'The Dawn of Gaia'.

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