b. malamud

B-52 (disambiguation)

B-52 may refer to:

  • Bundesstraße 52, a German road
  • B-52 Stratofortress, a strategic bomber aircraft designed by Boeing
  • B-52 hairstyle, a type of beehive, named after the aircraft
  • The B-52's, a rock band, named after the hairstyle named after the aircraft
  • B-52, a cocktail shooter named after the aircraft.

B52 may refer to:

  • B52 (New York City bus) in Brooklyn
  • One of the Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings codes for the Sicilian Defence in chess
  • HLA-B52, is an HLA-B serotype
  • Medical slang in psychiatric wards, 5 mg of haldol and 2 mg of ativan. Some places its 50 mg of benadryl instead of the haldol and sometimes 1 mg cogentin is added with the haldol to counteract the extrapyramidal side effects of the haldol. Usually given to severly agitated pateints and given I.M.

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