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B.F. Deal Records

BF Deal was a record label created by Austin, TX songwriter Michael Williams in the mid seventies. It was an independent label which produced several local Austin artists at the time including Nanci Griffith's début album, There's A Light Beyond These Woods released January 3, 1978.

Mike Williams also produced albums for Allen Damron, Austin TX musician and Kerrville Folk Festival officianado.

Selected Recordings

  • Mike Williams, The Radio Show BFD1 1976
  • Allen Wayne Damron, The Old Campaigner BFD2 1976
  • Ladd, Lady Up The Stairs BFD? 1976
  • B.F. Deal Sampler Vol. 1, BFD5 1977 included Nanci Griffith, John Garza, Frank Zigal and Will Walker.
  • Mike Williams, Free Man Happy Man BFD6 1977
  • Bill and Bonnie Hearne, Smilin BFD7 1977
  • Nanci Griffith, There's A Light Beyond These Woods BFD9 1978
  • Mike Williams, Comin' Atcha! BFD12 1979


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