Johan Volny

Johan Volny is the screen name of a Czech pornographic actor (porn star). After being discovered by Czech director Robert Boggs in 2004 and working exclusively for his AYOR Studios for one year, Johan became an exclusive model for Eurocreme studio in the summer of 2005. Although Eurocreme produces bareback porn out of the Czech Republic, Johan signed at the express condition that he would only do condom scenes. In order to keep his exclusive status for a second year, however, he agreed to make a number of bareback scenes, starting in October 2006. In early 2008 he decided to stop doing bareback scenes and returned to work in condom only films made by Eurocreme UK. In addition he manages the hugely popular Eurocreme shows in clubs around Europe and works as a studio spokesperson.

Johan Volny is in his early twenties, openly gay, has little-to-no body hair, a slim body and a boyish face. He supports several HIV and Coming Out charities in Czech Republic and is currently living with his boyfriend and little pikinese dog in Prague.

With his more than 40 movies the award winning actor is now the biggest and most important model for his studio Eurocreme and one of the most famous and well known porn models in Europe.

Selected videography

  • Team Training (Robert Boggs, AYOR Studios, 2004)
  • Hot Summer Cruising (Robert Boggs, AYOR Studios, 2005)
  • OfficeBoy (Max Lincoln, Eurocreme, 2006)
  • World Soccer Orgy 1 + 2 (Vlado Iresch, Eurocreme, 2006)
  • LegionBoy (Simon Booth, Eurocreme, 2007)
  • Hard Riders (Vlado Iresch, Eurocreme, 2007)
  • Coming Out (Vlado Iresch, Eurocreme, 2008)
  • Indieboyz 3, Twisted (Simon Both, Eurocreme, 2008)
  • Johan Volny Collection (Eurocreme, 2008)
  • PoolBoy (Simon Booth, Eurocreme, 2008)

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