Aca Lukas

Aca Lukas (Аца Лукас) born on 03.11.1969. is a popular Serbian folk singer.


Aca Lukas was born in Belgrade as Aleksandar Vuksanović (Александар Вуксановић). He got the name Aca Lukas from: Aca, nickname for Aleksandar and “Lukas” by the famous riverboat club in Novi Beograd, where he spent much time performing as a teenager and gained huge popularity. His breakthrough as a musician Aca got on a cult "splav" Hogar (raft night club) on Ada Ciganlija. He came to Hogar as a replacement for legendary Mile Lojpur where he joined Milan Scepovic and Sasha Lunginovic. They started performing various music genres, from Jazz to Gypsy. Aca started mixing them into special potpourris that became his trademark in years to come. His appearance was an overnight success. After "Hogar" and "Lucas", he moved on to the next stage by playing with rock singer Viktorija. Then he started a single career. His first big hit was song called "Pesma Od Bola". Than he continued with other hit's "Kafana Na Balkanu", "Bele Ruže" and many more. In 2003 he was arrested in police action called "Sablja" because he possessed a non-reported gun.He was having drug and gambling problems that removed him from scene for two years. He made a comeback in 2006. He won 1st prize on " II Axal Grand Festival" in 2008. with song called "Upali Svetlo". Nowadays, Lukas is renowned artist in Serbia and has some discographic success. He will have a concert in Belgrade Arena (03.11.2008) on his birthday.


Studio albums

  • Ponos i laž (1995) ("Pride and lie")
  • Pesme od bola (1996) ("Songs about pain")
  • Lična karta (1999)("ID")
  • Rođendan (2000) ("Birthday")
  • Nešto protiv bolova (2001) ("Something against the pain")
  • Istina je da te lažem (2004) ("It's the truth that I'm lying to you")
  • Jagnje moje (2006) ("My lamb")
  • Lešće (2008) (Cemetery in Belgrade)

Cover albums

  • Jedno veče u kafani (1998) ("One Night in the Pub")
  • Drugo veče u kafani (1999) ("Second Night in the Pub")
  • Još sam tu (za drugove) (1999) ("I am still there (for my friends)")
  • Zora beli... (1999) ("White dawn...")
  • Aca Lukas & O.K. Band (2000)

Live albums

  • Najveća žurka na Balkanu (1999) ("Largest party in the Balkans")
  • Žurka (2002) ("Party")


  • The Best of Aca Lukas (2000)

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