Job may refer to:

  • a joe (role) served by a person or thing:
    • Employment, where a person is in a long-term relationship performing a service for an employer
    • Occupation (economic), where a person performs a certain role over a long period
      • Profession, an occupation requiring specialized knowledge
      • Vocation, an occupation typically requiring training
    • Volunteer, where a person is serving the role without economic gain
  • a job opening, a desire by an organization to fill a position
  • a task to be performed:
    • a building or structure under construction
    • Job (software), a scheduled and/or automated task for a computer in a batch processing environment
  • a private or government employment agency:
    • Job Corps, a training program administered by the United States Government
    • Job Network, a set of employment organizations funded by the Australian Government
  • Job (professional wrestling), a wrestling performer who loses a match
  • Job's syndrome, another name for the medical condition Hyper IgE syndrome (HIES)
  • Job, can be used instead of the word "Thing"
  • Job for a Cowboy an American death metal band

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