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Echolocation may refer to:

  • Acoustic location, the general use of sound to locate objects
  • Animal echolocation, non-human animals emitting sound waves and listening to the echo in order to locate objects or navigate
  • Human echolocation, the use by people of sound to navigate
  • Sonar (sound navigation and ranging), the use of sound to navigate or to locate other watercraft, usually by submarines
  • Echo sounding, listening to the echo of sound pulses to measure the distance to the bottom of the sea, a special case of Sonar
  • Medical ultrasonography, the use of ultrasound echos to look inside the body
  • Echolocation (album), a 2001 album by Fruit Bats

See also

  • Radar, locating objects by detecting the echo of emitted radio waves
  • Time to Echolocate, a 2005 album by The Ebb and Flow

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