Autosave is a function in many computer applications or programs which saves an opened document automatically, helping to reduce the risk or impact of data loss in case of a crash or freeze. Autosaving is typically done either in predetermined intervals or before a complex editing task is begun. It is never an alternative to regular saving, however, and autosave backups are often purged whenever the user finishes their work.

For example, in Microsoft Excel 2003, this option is called AutoRecover and, by default, saves the document every ten minutes in the temporary file directory.

It is also very prominent in video games. Many PC/Console video games feature an auto save feature that saves the progress that the player has completed during a particular session. For example, in an adventure game, it may auto save after completing a level or mission, or in a fighting games, it might save after winning a match. Some games may use autosave as the only method of saving data, and the player must complete a set amount of the game before saving takes place.

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