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Sharla Cheung

Not to be confused with director, writer and actor Aman Chang (張敏), also known as Cheung Man, who has the same Chinese name.

Sharla Cheung Man (Chinese name: ; Mandarin Pinyin: Zhāng Mǐn; Cantonese Jyutping: Zoeng1 Man5; Cantonese Yale: Jeung1 Man5), also known as Cheung Man (born February 7, 1967 in Shanghai, China) is an actress working in the Hong Kong film industry.

Sharla Cheung was born in Shanghai, China. She was discovered by Wong Jing, with whom she worked on many of his productions in the early 1990s. Cheung gained popularity with the numerous films she's starred in alongside Stephen Chow, in which she was frequently cast as Chow's love interest. They partnered for more than 10 films from 1988 to 1994, including All for the Winner, God of Gamblers II, Fist of Fury 1991, Fight Back to School, Royal Tramp, and King of Beggars. Another frequent co-star is Andy Lau, who appeared alongside Cheung in such films as God of Gamblers, God of Gamblers II, and Lee Rock.

After an impressive body of work in the early 1990s (she starred in about 50 films between 1990 and 1995), Sharla Cheung moved into producing in 1995 with Dream Lover (starring Tony Leung Ka-fai and Wu Chien-lien). However, Cheung was unhappy with it and she remade the film as Romantic Dream (starring Cheung and Lau Ching-wan). Both versions opened in 1995. The films, however, were commercial failures, and Cheung then retired from the film industry to focus on various business interests.

Cheung made a comeback in acting in the early 2000s, to star in several television series.

Filmography (as actress)

Year English title Chinese title Role Director Notes
1986 Magic Crystal 魔翡翠 Winnie Shen (沈雲妮) Wong Jing
1987 The Romancing Star 精裝追女仔 Man (阿敏) Wong Jing
1988 Bet on Fire 火舞風雲 Min (程敏) Joe Cheung Tung-Cho
Faithfully Yours 最佳女婿 Ying (阿英) Wong Wah-kei
1989 Operation Pink Squad II (aka Thunder Cops) 猛鬼大廈 Mun Jeffrey Lau
Dream of Desire 花心夢裡人 Sally Cheung O Sing-pui
Little Cop 小小小警察 Dark Skin Eric Tsang
The Romancing Star III 精裝追女仔之3狼之一族 Auntie Man Sherman Wong Jing-wa
God of Gamblers 賭神 Janet Wong Jing
1990 Swordsman 笑傲江湖 Ren Ying Ying (任盈盈) King Hu / Tsui Hark / Ching Siu-tung / Ann Hui / Andrew Kam
My Neighbours are Phantoms 嘩鬼住正隔籬 Siu Sin (小倩) Lau Shut-yue
All for the Winner 賭聖 Yee Mong (綺夢) Jeffrey Lau / Corey Yuen
Story of Kennedy Town 西環的故事 Li (麗) Wu Ma
God of Gamblers II 賭俠 Dream Lo (夢籮) Wong Jing
1991 Fist of Fury 1991 新精武門1991 Mandy Fok (阿敏) Choh Chung-sing
Devil’s Vindata (aka Devil’s Vendetta) 妖魔道 Mandy (白敏兒) Cheung Hoi-ching
A Chinese Legend 追日 Ching-er Lau Hung-chuen
Fight Back to School 逃學威龍 Miss Ho Gordon Chan
God of Gamblers III: Back to Shanghai 赌侠2之上海滩赌圣 Yee Mong (綺夢) Wong Jing cameo
Lee Rock 五億探長雷洛傳(雷老虎) Grace (白月嫦) Lawrence Ah Mon
Lee Rock II 五億探長雷洛傳Ⅱ之父子情仇 Grace (白月嫦) Lawrence Ah Mon
The Fatal Game (aka Tricky Gambler) 毒豪 Shum Dai-wai
Tiger Cage III 冷面狙擊手 Suki Cheung Yuen Woo-ping
Dance with the Dragon (aka Dances With Dragon) 與龍共舞 Moon (陳月光) Wong Jing
1992 Fist of Fury 1991 II 漫畫威龍 Choh Chung-sing / Corey Yuen
Truant Heroes (aka Truant Hero) 逃學英雄傳 Dreamy (Lam Moon) Wong Jing
Cheetah on Fire 獵豹行動 Peggy Thomas Yip Shing-hong
Rythm of Destiny 伴我縱橫 Siu Hong Andrew Lau
Fight back to School II 逃學威龍2 Miss Ho Gordon Chan
Royal Tramp 鹿鼎記 Empress Dowager/Lone-er (真/假太后) Wong Jing
Deadly Dream Woman 女黑俠黃鶯 Huang Ying (黃鶯/香奈兒) Taylor Wong Tai-lo
It’s Now or Never 飛女正傳 Rose (Ying) Louis Tan Kwok-hei
Royal Tramp II 鹿鼎记2神龙教 Lone-er (龙儿) Wong Jing bit part
To Miss with Love 逃學外傳 Ms. Chang Chu Yen-ping
Call Girl '92 92應召女郎 Carmen Andy Chin Wing-keung
Handsome Siblings 絕代雙驕 Eva, Supreme Ruler of the Martial World (移花官官主) Eric Tsang
Invincible 戰龍在野 Blacky Ko Sau-leung
King of Beggars 武狀元蘇乞兒 Yu-shang (如霜) Gordon Chan
Lover at Large 難得有情郎 Lily Lam Alexander Chan Wong-wa
1993 Fight Back to School III 逃學威龍Ⅲ之龍過雞年 Man (阿敏) Wong Jing
Legend of the Liquid Sword 笑俠楚留香 Jellyfish Wong Jing
Last Hero in China (aka Claws of Steel) 黃飛鴻之鐵雞鬥蜈蚣 Ti Yin-er Wong Jing
Flying Dagger 神經刀與飛天貓 Big Bewitchement (大風騷) Chu Yen-ping
Holy Weapon 武俠七公主 Spider Wong Jing
The Buddhist Spell 菩提幽魂 Miss Shen Chao Liu-chiang
The Sword of Many Loves 飛狐外傳#改編電影 Purple Yuen (袁紫衣) Poon Man-kit
Chez 'n Ham Story (aka Curry and Pepper 3) 芝士火腿 Fanny Blacky Ko Sau-leng
The Sword Stained with Royal Blood 新碧血劍 Kau Cheung Hoi-ching
The Kung Fu Cult Master 倚天屠龍記之魔教教主 Yan So-So (殷素素)/Chao Min (趙敏) Wong Jing
1994 Underground Judgement 地下裁決 Senny/Lisa Raymond Lui Shing-gung
The Maidens of Heavenly Mountains (aka Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils) 新天龍八部之天山童姥 Ah Zi (Purple) (阿紫) Andy Ching Wing-keung
Hail the Judge 九品芝麻官 Chi Siu-Lin (戚秦氏/小蓮)) Wong Jing
Crystal Fortune Run 暴風眼 Wind Yip Chris Lee Kin-sang
God of Gambler’s Return 賭神2 Wan Yau, Ko Chun’s wife (溫柔 賭神妻) Wong Jing
1995 Romantic Dream 追女仔95之綺夢 Mandy Lee Lik-chi also producer
Dragon Killer 狂情殺手 Lam Miu Tony Liu Yong
Ten Brothers 十兄弟 Ha’s Wife Lee Lik-chi
2003 The Two Individual Package Women 兩個獨立包裝的女人 Christy Cheung Roger Lau Kwok-fai
Wo De Ming Xing Zai Nan You (aka My Celebrity Boyfriend) (TV series) 我的明星仔男友 Li (麗) Lin Hongjie (林宏杰)
2005 Legend of the Book’s Tower (TV series) 風滿樓 Fēng Mǎn Lóu San Nainai (三奶奶) Huang Jianzhong (黄健中)
2006 Fan Fu Da Yuan (TV series) 范府大院 Wang Xiaolie (王小列)
Diao Chan (TV series) 貂蝉 Diāochán Diaochan (貂蝉) Chen Jialin (陈家林)

Filmography (as producer)

Year English Title Chinese Title Director Main cast Other notes
1995 Dream Lover 一千零一夜之夢中人 Bosco Lam Tony Leung Ka-fai, Wu Chien-lien
Romantic Dream 追女仔95之綺夢 Lee Lik-Chi Lau Ching-Wan, Sharla Cheung also actress

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