Auerbach, Berthold

Auerbach, Berthold

Auerbach, Berthold, 1812-82, German novelist. He fought in the Revolution of 1848 and in the Franco-Prussian War. As a result of his Schwarzwälder Dorfgeschichten (1843-53, tr. of Vol. I Village Tales from the Black Forest, 1846-47), somewhat stylized pictures of peasant life that were much imitated, he became the virtual founder of the peasant-story genre in German. Typical of his use of the novel are Die Frau Professorin (1846, tr. The Professor's Wife, 1850), Diethelm von Buchenberg (1852), and Barfüssele (1856, tr. The Barefooted Maiden, 1857). Of his longer works (some of them stories of Jewish life), the best known is Auf der Höhe (1865, tr. On the Heights, 1867).
Auerbach was originally a German-language generic toponym coming from de:Aue  + de:Bach, meaning "floodmeadow brook", that is, "a brook running through a flood-meadow". The name is used for many places and people.

The slavicized version of the name Auerbach is Авербах (Cyrillic alphabet) = Averbakh (Latin alphabet), which transliterates to the Hebrew alphabet as אוּרבּך.


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