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Time to Pee!

Time to Pee! is a children's picture book by Mo Willems. Released in 2003 by Hyperion Books, it is a book about toilet training. It also contains a progress chart and a page of motivational stickers. The book's instructions are presented by a group of mice toting signs and banners. Willems joked in an interview, "My basic theory is that kids will never listen to adults, but they will listen to an infestation of mice.


The book was generally well-received by critics. Horn Book Magazine's Kitty Flynn remarked that "the book is perfectly attuned to preschoolers' sensibilities and funny bones, while Kris Jensen of the Grand Forks Herald called it "an adorable little book, just right . . . for both the Rosemond and Brazelton camps". Janis Campbell of the Detroit Free Press described it as "a funny and straightforward guide", adding, "[P]ublishers have recognized this milestone and you might as well handle it with humor". The book was even reviewed by Entertainment Weekly, who remarked, "Surely this book will whiz straight to the top.


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