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Round 1 (young rome)

Sophomore album fromex-imx rapper Young Rome, initially slate for 2006 release, was later put back a year then shelved as Young Rome changed his stage name to Jerome Jones.

One video / single was released from the album, For Your Love Ft Marques Houston

Track List

1. "For Your Love" featuring Marques Houston, prod: Cory Bold

2. "Gotta Get Away" prod: Young Rome

3. "Way You Move" featuring Rufus Blaq, prod: Rufus Blaq

4. "Haters & Fools" featuring Layzie Bone, prod: Kanye West

5. "Shake It, Boom" featuring Chingy & Mario Winans, prod: Cory Bold

6. "She Knows", prod: Rufus Blaq

7. "Family", prod: Young Rome

8. "Gone With The Wind" featuring Omarion, prod: Bryan Michael Cox

9. "Shaken", prod: Chris Stokes, Marques Houston

10. "Still Down For You", prod: Maddaphunk

11. "Girl Of My Dreams" featuring O'Ryan, prod: Young Rome

12. "When I Was Falling" featuring TQ, prod: Young Rome

13. "Break Me" prod: T-Scott

Track Low Down

Given from Jerome in a video interview.

For Your Love. "Myself and Marques talk about the girl we love, and how we long for their tender love, and how we respect them, how were doewn for our girl no matter what, to tell her we know she's the one, as if she didn't already know, End Of"

Gotta Get Away. "Gotta Get Away, I talk about how teh whole stress of the industry gets to me, but i get away to the sunshine and set my mind away from the troubles i have, but get away with my girl.. hence the lyrics i gotta get away with you"

Way You Move. "Featuring My Man Blaq, just a bit of a fun song we didn't even intend to have ion the album, but it made it, its goin on how i can see how a girl want me, one night stand or however she insists on having it, and even more so to the way i do her, coz shes that kinda girl so 'immune to pain', in the way she moves"

Haters & Fools. "I Hadda get my Bone Thug Layzie on this, we be down for a long time and he has the same opinions as not just me but as many others, we are fed up of cats hating on us for what we got, so we get back at em coz they fools"

Shake It, Boom. "The catch track, the one that gets the ladies going in the club. How we allw anna stand back and watch her shake it until it go boom. Chingy throws a classy verse and my man Mario Winans hits the hook.. possibly my next single"

She Knows. "One of my favorite album tracks, mellowed out beat, just to let me speak on how i get a feeling when i know i got my eyes on a special little lady, and how she can almost read my mind, in everything we gonna get down to, as they do you know"

Family. "A very personal track, that im proud of, i did this whole track, like a few others all by myself, the production an all that. It touches issues that ive never let my fans in to deep at, but it talks on how i got through losing my sister, my brother and my father to prison, but how i still love my family"

Gone With The Wind. "Featuring Omari, yeah you know, O' brought in Bryan Michael Cox and he fixed up a unique beat for this, the track has an even more unique story to tell, on how i got drunk and couldn't remember who i came home with, and how mmy real-girl would react, so as O' will tell 'i cant remember, my memory was gone with the wind, would she think im lying'.

Shaken. "Look, what you gotta understand it gets hard at teh top and the media and even your once friends try break you, and at times you just don't wanna wake up again, and you get shaken and that's the track how i got shaken, but how i learnt from it"

Still Down For You. "Just the track for dedicated to my boys and my block growing up round venice, ya'know, how the whole experience brought me up to a record deal at aged 8, but how i wouldn't let money change who i be, Phunk gotta a real Hyphy thing going on, even though i aint from the Bay, it was a good change in production we needed"

Girl Of My Dreams. "The song every man wants to play out load to their girl no matter their situation, but to say they love her. Me and O'Ryan say thank you to who they be to us men. I hadda take it real slow for my ladies on this one, but especially to say that she is the girl of my dreams"

When I Was Falling. "Saying thank you, to my people at TUG, my homies, my family, my friends even my haters. Because when i was falling they caught me and helped me back to my feet, and i toom time out to say thank you for being their through everything, but not just them i hadda give it up for the west, and who better to handle the hook than Mr.Westside TQ, couldn't have asked for much better than that"

Break me. "Produced by Tony Scott, to finish off an amazing album in my very honest opinion. To say that no matter what you got, who you got and how hard you may try, im at my peak now, you can atry to break me, but you'd be wasting your time, i feel like im stronger than ever, just a firing warning to finish things off, before i come back even better"

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