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Ask Forgiveness

Ask Forgiveness

Ask Forgiveness is the name of the 2007 album by Bonnie 'Prince' Billy. It is a covers album including one new, original song.

Track listing

  1. "I Came Here to Hear the Music" (Mickey Newbury)
  2. "I've Seen It All" (Björk, originally performed with Thom Yorke)
  3. "Am I Demon" (Danzig)
  4. "My Life" (Phil Ochs)
  5. "I'm Loving the Street" (Will Oldham)
  6. "The Way I Am" (Mekons/Merle Haggard/Sonny Throckmorton)
  7. "Cycles" (Frank Sinatra, written by Gayle Caldwell)
  8. "The World's Greatest" (R. Kelly)


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