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Fall As Well

Fall As Well is an American alternative rock band based out of Biloxi. The band members include singer/guitarist Jarrod Parker, guitarist Steve Taylor, bassist Mikey Boucher, drummer Jason Robbins, and the recently added guitarist/vocalist/keyboardist Lynny Bradshaw.

The band, which was formerly known as "Droppin Trou", toured extensively as a four piece until the early 2000's in which they added Lynny Bradshaw to replicate the sound they got out of a demo that landed them a contract with Universal Records.

Under the label they released the top 50 single Lazy Eye. After what seemed like a long period with no contact from the label concerning recording the rest of the album they signed to produce, the band opted out of their contract and went to Todd Harrel of 3 Doors Down's new Imprint Records.

After releasing the demo recordings as a self titled album for Imprint, they released another top 50 single Dead and Growing Older. The band toured in support of the album opening for 3 Doors Down, Puddle of Mudd, Saliva, the Exies and others, but limited resources offered by the label had caused the band to coast along with little in the way of backing or marketing. Eventually they were dropped from Imprint Records, the label citing lack of funding.

Utilizing friends they had made in the industry they went about recording a second demo in New Orleans and had it mixed by the same man who engineered their debut album, Jeff Ott.

Break Up

Hurricane Katrina disrupted the band personally and professionally. The band was separated for a time and several members had lost nearly everything.

The band formulated a plan to release the recently finished recording "After the Flood" as a single by themselves and even thought of doing a video in the rubble and remains of Biloxi, Mississippi in hopes that it would attract a label.

This was not to be.

On March 3 2006 a post on the band's official message board by Mikey Boucher confirmed that the band had broken up.

Jarrod Parker reemerged with a new Los Angeles Based rock band called Plush Society. Set to record some new music in L.A., the band has plans to present what they feel is a new and fresh perspective on the rock music scene. The band will utilize Westlake Studios, best known for working with acts such as U2, Rage Against the Machine, Michael Jackson, and many others.

On the same posting that announced the break up , it was mentioned that Jason Robbins, Steve Taylor, and Mikey Boucher were forming a new band that would be a departure from the Fall As Well sound, yet he feels fans will support them in this new venture.

As of today, the band has replaced Steven Taylor with a local guitarist from Biloxi, and have recently found a new lead singer.

Lynny Bradshaw now lives a in Jackson, Mississippi and is in the band Redneck Trucker.

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