as of now

As Is Now

As Is Now is Paul Weller's eighth studio album. Released in October 2005, it reached number 4 in the UK charts.

The singles from the record were "From The Floorboards Up" (charted at #6), "Come On/Let's Go" (charted at #15), "Here's The Good News" (charted at #21) and the "As Is Now EP" (which included "Blink And You'll Miss It") which did not qualify for the charts and it had 4 tracks on and was only released on 7".


The album was recorded over a two week period in March 2005 at Wheller End Studios, London. It was then mixed at studio 150, in Amsterdam.

Track listing

  1. "Blink and You'll Miss It"
  2. "Paper Smile"
  3. "Come On/Let's Go"
  4. "Here's the Good News"
  5. "The Start of Forever"
  6. "Pan"
  7. "All on a Misty Morning"
  8. "From the Floorboards Up"
  9. "I Wanna Make It Alright"
  10. "Savages"
  11. "Fly Little Bird"
  12. "Roll Along Summer"
  13. "Bring Back the Funk" (Pts 1 & 2)
  14. "The Pebble and the Boy"

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