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As One

As One is also an alias of the British techno producer Kirk Degiorgio.
''For As One, the international gathering of YouTubers, see YouTube

As One is a Korean pop duo consisting of Korean Americans Lee Min Young and Crystal Chae. They were discovered by one of the former members of critically acclaimed Korean R&B group SOLID who attended their church one day and heard them sing. Their first hit was the song "너만은 모르길," released in 1999 on Rock Records. Between their fourth and fifth albums, their contract with Rock Records expired and they signed with EMI Korea; a label which also manages other k-pop stars like DJ DOC and Baby VOX. In late 2006, As One released their fifth album 12 Tears of Farewell, and started their promotional activities with the lead track "십이야" (12 Nights).


Crystal Chae

eng Name: Crystal Chae

Real name: Chae Dae Hwee

Date of Birth: April 29, 1980

Blood type: O

Place of birth: Los Angeles, California

School: I graduated from high school Chatsort

Religion: Buddhist

Family: father, mother, older brother,older sister

Favorite color: Purple

Favorite type of music: R & B, hip-hop

Favorite singers: Lauren Hill and Usher

Hobbies: watching movies, sports (especially loves swimming and basketball)

Dream: to be represented and a singer

Lee Min Young

Name: Lee Min Young

Date of Birth: December 15, 1978

Blood type: O

Place of birth: Seoul, South Korea

School: I graduated from Fairfax High School

Religion: Christian

Family: father, mother, brother,

Hobbies: dancing, watching movies, shopping, listening to music, sports, sit on the computer

Favorite Male singers: Solid, ayn ssem, Babyface, shai

Favorite color: Red

Favorite type of music: R & B, hip-hop

Favorite singers: Lauren Hill, Aaliyah, Janet Jackson



  1. [1999.11.25] Day By Day
  2. [2001.08.07] 천만에요
  3. [2003.03.13] Never Too Far
  4. [2004.11.17] Restoration
  5. [2006.11.17] 이별이 남기는 12가지 눈물
  6. [2008.05.14] Double Star (Mini Album)


  1. [2000.06.28] One + One
  2. [2002.05.22] As One Live Album
  3. [2002.11.26] Caroling
  4. [2003.11.18] Forever AS ONE (BEST)


  1. [2000.05.01] 사랑
  2. [2000.06.14] Day By Day
  3. [2007.03.13] Romantic Single Album


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