artificial horizon

Horizon (disambiguation)

Horizon is the line at which the sky and the earth's surface appear to meet.

Horizon or horizons may also refer to:


  • Horizon Global, a corporation specializing in media-compression technology, peer to peer video telephony, and video on demand
  • Horizon Pipeline, a small natural gas pipeline that moves gas in northern Illinois
  • Horizon Power, a corporation owned by the Government of Western Australia
  • Planning horizon, the amount of time an organisation will look into the future when preparing a strategic plan

Computer science

  • Horizon of connectivity, the boundary in most client-server architectures that limits access to server-based resources
  • NorthStar Horizon, an 8-bit computer system based on the ZiLOG Z80A microprocessor
  • Split horizon, one of the methods in computer networks used to prevent routing loops


Geology, soil science and archeology





  • Horizon Radio (UK), the pop-format Independent Local Radio station for Milton Keynes and North Buckinghamshire
  • Horizon Radio, a state-owned Bulgarian Radio Station
  • Radio horizon, the locus of points in telecommunication at which direct rays from an antenna are tangential to the surface of the Earth


  • New Horizons, the first spacecraft expected to flyby and study the ex-planet Pluto.




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