artificial additive


Amagurichan is a fictional character from the San-X family (a company similar to Sanrio) based on chestnuts. Amaguri (which translates as sweet chestnut) is a popular snack in Asia. Amagurichan is always energetic, and the phrases 'eat me' and 'peel my skin' are its favourites. It doesn't have a very patient character and runs away when people don't eat it quick enough.

Amaguri"(sweet chestnut) is a popular snack with Asian taste. The designer added the energetic personality to the character of Amaguri Chan. In order to match the image of Amaguri Chan, red was chosen to be the symbol color. The Tienjin chestnuts with natural sweetness, no artificial additive or sugar are roasted so deliciously. The energetic and hasty "Amagurichan" became a happy character. Amaguri Chan is always energetic and "Eat me~", "Peel my skin~" are its favourite phases. It doesn't have a patient character, so it always runs away from the bag with its friends if you don't eat it quickly.

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