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C. Howard's Violet candies

C. Howard's Violet Candies are a unique hard square mint/candy with a distinct violet aroma and taste. This aroma is so strong that it is noticeable before the confection's wrapping is even opened. These candies are native to the state of New York and are particularly common on the east coast, but can be found in some specialty stores and old-fashioned restaurants and diners in larger U.S. cities, especially Mel's Drive-In. While they do not have any hint of minty flavor, the common package contains "15 Mints". (A 'mint' refers to tiny candies, not to the flavor of those candies.) While having a slightly chalky consistency similar to that of the candy PEZ, they are generally softer and tend to melt in one's mouth. At first sniff, the confection is almost unmistakably flowery and captures the spirit of a sweeter, simpler 1950's style of candy. Even the packaging itself is written in a font indicative of the mid-twentieth century. Also, because of its distinctive floral aroma and taste, it was quite common for children to refer to Violets as "soap candy." One candy Violet typically lasts for 1 to 5 minutes before completely dissolving, depending on the consumer's salivation and tongue friction as well as tooth pressure applied to the candy itself.

C. Howard's candies are also available in Lemon (flavored with natural Oil of Lemon), Spearmint (flavored with natural Oil of Spearment), and Peppermint flavors.

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