artesian springs

Dalhousie Springs

Dalhousie Springs are collection of over 60 natural artesian springs located in Witjira National Park on the western fringe of the Simpson Desert, 180 kilometres northeast of Oodnadatta in northern South Australia. Spring water temperatures range from 38 to 43 degrees C. The water is highly mineralised but drinkable (barely). Dalhousie Springs are a popular starting point for crossing the Simpson Desert eastwards to Birdsville in Queensland (around 600 kilometres).

In 1915, the total flow rate of the Dalhousie Springs complex was over 23,000 liters/second, but drilling had reduced this to 17,360 liters/second by 2000.

There are a number of unique species of fish that live in the waters around Dalhousie Springs, such as the Dalhousie catfish, the Dalhousie hardyhead and some species of chlamydogobius.

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