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arteria iliolumbalis

List of subjects in Gray's Anatomy: VI. The Arteries

Introduction ()

the aorta ()

the arteries of the head and neck

the common carotid artery

relations ()

the external carotid artery ()





Terminal: Branches of the First or Mandibular Portions

Terminal: Branches of the Second or Pterygoid Portion

Terminal: Branches of the Third or Pterygopalatine Portion

the triangles of the neck ()

the internal carotid artery ()

the arteries of the brain ()

the arteries of the upper extremity

the subclavian artery ()

vertebral artery (a. vertebralis)

thyrocervical trunk (truncus thyreocervicalis; thyroid axis)

internal mammary artery (a. mammaria interna)

costocervical trunk (truncus costocervicalis; superior intercostal artery)

the axilla

the axillary artery

the brachial artery ()

the radial artery ()

the ulnar artery ()

the arteries of the trunk

the descending aorta

the thoracic aorta ()

the abdominal aorta ()

the common iliac arteries

the hypogastric artery (or Internal iliac artery) ()

the external iliac artery ()

the arteries of the lower extremity

the femoral artery ()

branches of the femoral artery

the popliteal fossa ()

the popliteal artery ()

the anterior tibial artery ()

the arteria dorsalis pedis ()

the posterior tibial artery ()

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