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Pol-Art is a Polish cultural event held in the State capital cities around Australia. The last event took place between 26 December 2006 and 4 January 2007 and was held in Hobart, Tasmania.


Pol-Art is a celebration of Polish cultural heritage in Australia and New Zealand. Pol-Art festivals have now become a traditional feature of the Polish-Australian cultural life, and were made possible by the Federation of Polish Women in Australia and New Zealand undertaking the massive task of organising the first festival of Polish culture, originally called Art-Pol, in Sydney in 1975. Over 200 young performers participated in the Gala Concert at the Sydney Opera House. It was so successful that a second festival was organized. Re-named Pol-Art, it was held in Adelaide in 1981 and thus started the trend for the festival to be held every three years each time in a different capital city in Australia.

The sequence of Pol-Art festivals was:

1st 1975 Sydney
2nd 1981 Adelaide
3rd 1984 Melbourne
4th 1988 Brisbane
5th 1991 Sydney
6th 1994 Adelaide
7th 1997 Melbourne
8th 2000 Brisbane
9th 2003 Sydney
10th 2006 Hobart
11th 2009 Adelaide (upcoming)

Participating dance ensembles

Orlęta - Wellington

Orlęta is an ensemble of young performers mainly, though not exclusively, of Polish descent. The group was formed by the Lower Hutt Polish School, Wellington in 1994 and sits under the auspices of the Polish Association of New Zealand. The Purpose of the dance ensemble is to promote a sense of identity among young Polish New Zealanders with their Polish Heritage through awareness of the Polish language, Customs and Tradition and offer the greater Wellington Community a chance to experience Polish Folkloric Song and Dance. Orlęta have two choreographers for the three groups - Adela Jones for Lower Hutt Junior, and Tereska Lepionka-Carroll for Wellington Junior and Senior Orlęta.

Beskidy & Iskierki - Rowville, Victoria

Kujawy - Sydney

Kukułeczka - Perth

Lajkonik - Sydney

Łowicz - Melbourne

Lublin - Wellington

Oberek - Hobart

Oberek Dance Ensemble is based in Hobart, Tasmania. It is the oldest running Polish Dance Ensemble in Australia. Oberek has participated in every Pol-Art since 1975 to this present day. At the time of the 2006 Pol-Art there were some 50 members, in the Juniors, Intermediates, Seniors and Super Senior groups.

Obertas - Brisbane

Polonez - Melbourne

Syrenka - Sydney

Polish Folkloric Ensemble Syrenka is based in Sydney. It was formed in 1968 and officially established in 1971. Syrenka has participated in every Pol-Art since 1975. The aim of the ensemble is to promote Polish culture in Australia to the Australian and Polish communities through traditional song and dance in authentic regional costumes. The group's style is energetic and fun, fusing dance, song and some dramatic characterisation. Dances that reflect settings and scenarios typical of their origins are choreographed by the Artistic Director (Iwona Kower) to music composed by the Music Director (Jerzy Scislowski). The ensemble consists of three groups, Junior, Intermediate and Senior and comprises over 80 dancers.

Tatry - Adelaide

Waweł - Wollongong

Wrocław - Wrocław Poland


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