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What's going on up there?

What's going on up there? is a one hour documentary film by film maker Dr. Maryanne Galvin explores the topic of why space and space exploration is important from a number of perspectives, by considering the question "What's going on up there?" Featuring a voice introduction by Leonard Nimoy and interviews with scientists and scholars at MIT, Yale, Sydney University, and UC San Francisco, attorneys, authors, entrepreneurs, economist, environmentalists, filmmakers, youngsters and average citizens--even a college student in Kuwait who wants to be the first Muslim woman in space -- this in-your-face documentary offers conversations on all sides of the space debate.

Awards and festival screenings

  • In competition at the Beverly Hills HD Film Festival on December 31 2006, LA, California;

San Diego International Children's Film Festival, April 22, 2007 Balboa Park;

The Delray Beach Film Festival, March 17, 2007;

DC Independent Film Festival, Washington DC, March 5, 2007;

Yuri's Night April 13, 2007 at NASA-Ames, Mountain View California; I ndieCan Film Festival, Toronto Canada May 10-12, 2007

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