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Art Blakey with the Original Jazz Messengers

Art Blakey with the Original Jazz Messengers is a 1956 album by Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers, released by Columbia Records. It was the last recording by the inaugural Jazz Messengers lineup featuring pianist Horace Silver.

The LP is out-of-print. In 1997, Columbia issued a CD, The Jazz Messengers, featuring all the tracks from Art Blakey with the Original Jazz Messengers along with five additional tracks drawn from the same recording sessions but previously released only on foreign imports.

Track listing

The track listing for the current Columbia CD release:

  1. "Infra-Rae" (Mobley) - 6:57
  2. "Nica's Dream" (Silver) - 11:51
  3. "It's You or No One" (Cahn, Styne) - 5:36
  4. "Ecaroh" (Silver) - 6:02
  5. "Carol's Interlude" (Mobley) - 5:36
  6. "The End of a Love Affair" (Redding) - 6:43
  7. "Hank's Symphony" (Mobley) - 4:37
  8. "Weird-O" (Mobley)* - 7:06
  9. "Ill Wind" (Arlen, Koehler)* - 2:52
  10. "Late Show" (Mobley)* - 7:09
  11. "Deciphering the Message" (Mobley)* - 6:29
  12. "Carol's Interlude (alternate take)" (Mobley)* - 6:13
  13. Starred tracks are re-issue only.


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