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Ed Kuepper (born Edmund Kuepper in Bremen, West Germany, 20 December 1955) is an Australian guitarist, singer and songwriter. He co-founded the seminal punk band The Saints, the experimental post-punk group The Laughing Clowns and later the grunge-like The Aints. He has also recorded over a dozen albums in his own name with a variety of backing bands, notably Ed Kuepper and the Yard Goes On Forever, Ed Kuepper and his Oxley Creek Playboys, Ed Kuepper and The Institute Of Nude Wrestling, The Exploding Universe of Ed Kuepper, Ed Kuepper and the New Imperialists and presently Ed Kuepper and the Kowalski Collective.

In 1976 Kuepper and the Saints were one of the first acts to form their own record label {Fatal Records] to release that bands first single '[I'm] Stranded'. In 1980 Kuepper started up Prince Melon Records to release his work with Laughing Clowns

Kuepper was awarded ARIAs in 1993 and 1994 for Best Independent Australian Release (and nominated for similar awards in 1992, 1995, 1996, 1997 and 1998). He was probably Australia's most prolific recording artist in the early nineties.

In recent years, Kuepper has been involved in soundtracking radio drama and experimental films. He toured Australia and Europe performing semi-improvised music to some of these films under the banner of MFLL. Venues included The Institute of Modern Art (Brisbane), Sydney Opera House, The Austrian Film Museum (Vienna) and The Cartier Foundation (Paris), where Kuepper has the distinction of being the only rock musician to be invited to play apart from the Velvet Underground.

2007 saw the release of Kuepper's Jean Lee and the Yellow Dogalbum, which was inspired by the story of Jean Lee who was the last woman hanged in Australia, and features amongst others, performances by Jeffrey Wegener (Laughing Clowns), Peter Oxley (Sunnyboys), Warren Ellis (Dirty Three), and Chris Bailey (The Saints).

After extensive touring in 2008 [including a European tour with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds ] Kuepper relaunched Prince Melon Records


! Title
Year Notes
I'm Stranded 1976 The Saints
Eternally Yours 1977 The Saints
Prehistoric Sounds 1978 The Saints
Laughing Clowns mini album 1980 Laughing Clowns
Throne of Blood/Reign of Terror 1981 Laughing Clowns
Mr Uddich-Schmuddich goes to town 1982 Laughing Clowns
History of Rock'n'Roll Volume One 1983 Laughing Clowns
Law of Nature 1983 Laughing Clowns
Ghosts of an Ideal Wife 1984 Laughing Clowns
Electrical Storm 1985
Rooms Of The Magnificent 1986
Everybody's Got To 1988
Happy As Hell EP 1989
Today Wonder 1990
S.L.S.Q 1990 The Aints
Honey Steel's Gold 1991
Ascension 1991 The Aints
Black Ticket Day 1992
Auto-cannibalism 1992 The Aints
Serene Machine 1993
The Butterfly Net 1993 Compilation
Legendary Bully 1993 UK only compilation
Character Assassination 1994
Death To The Howdy-Doody Brigade 1994
A King In The Kindness Room 1995
I Was A Mail Order Bridegroom 1995
The Exotic Mail Order Moods of Ed Kuepper 1995
The most primitive band in the world,live from the twilight zone 1995 The Saints [garage recordings from 1974
Heart Of New Wave 1995? Greece only compilation
Sings His Greatest Hits For You 1996 Compilation
Frontierland 1996
Samplerland 1996 Compilation
Starstruck - Music for Films & Adverts 1996
Wheelie Bin Affair (Some Odds And Sods) 1997 Rarities compilation
With A Knapsack On My Back 1997
Cloudland 1997
Live! with The Oxley Creek Playboys 1998
The Blue House 1998
Reflections Of Ol' Golden Eye 1999 Compilation
Smile, Pacific 2000
Honey Steel's Gold - Remastered 2000 Re-issue
Out-takes, Castaways, Pirate Women and Takeaways 2001 Rarities compilation
Today Wonder 2002 Re-issue/remastered
Real Wild Life 2004 Brazil only compilation
Everybody's Got To 2005 Re-issue
This Is The Magic Mile 2005 3 CD compilation
Cruel but fair 2005 Complete Laughing Clowns anthology 3 CD set
Jean Lee and the Yellow Dog 2007
Ed Kuepper Live - The Prince Melon Bootleg series Volume 1 2008
Ed Kuepper Live - The Prince Melon Bootleg series Volume 2 2008
Ed Kuepper Live - The Prince Melon Bootleg series Volume 3 2008

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