The plant genus name Arsis is nowadays a junior synonym of Grewia.

Arsis is an American death metal band from Virginia Beach, Virginia, formed in 2000. Although remaining as heavy as traditional death metal bands, they also possess complex riffs and solos that are similar to those found in both melodic and technical death metal. The band is currently signed to Nuclear Blast.

"Arsis" is also a musical term used to refer to the upbeat or unaccented part of a measure.


The band's main composer, singer/songwriter James Malone, did all the guitar, vocals, and bass work on every studio album. His main influences include King Diamond, Iron Maiden, At the Gates, Morbid Angel, In Flames, Dimmu Borgir and Dissection.

Mike Van Dyne quit Arsis in early 2007 to further his education; he has since joined the New York hardcore band Crimson Mask.

Noah Martin did in fact play bass on the album, United in Regret.

Darren Cesca left the band in 2008 citing differences in musical direction. It was announced that he would be replaced on tour by Alex Tomlin of Battlemaster. The band has since recruited Shawn Priest to play drums.

Noah Martin also left the band in the summer of 2008. He left the band to finish his college degree.


While Arsis can be described as technical death metal and melodic death metal, their music also contains a notable black metal influence, especially in James Malone's vocal style.


  • James Malone - guitar, vocals
  • Ryan Knight - guitar (The Knife Trade)
  • Shawn Priest - drums

Former and session members

  • Noah Martin - bass
  • "Fast" Chris Jones - guitar
  • Jake Ososkie - guitar
  • Justin Shaw (The Day of the Beast) - bass
  • Johnny Allen (Liquid Filth, Eternal Black) - live rhythm guitar
  • Alex Cox - live bass
  • Mike Van Dyne (Crimson Mask) - drums
  • Darren Cesca - drums
  • Mike Parks - Live vocals
  • Kathy Burke - guitar on 2001 demo
  • Scot Seguine - bass on 2001 demo
  • Mike Mullen (Moribund) - live bass 2003
  • John Fralick (Darkness Remains) - live rhythm guitar 2006
  • Alex Tomlin - live drums



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