Equative case

Equative is a case with the meaning of comparison, or likening. The equative case has been used in very few languages in history. It was used in the Sumerian language.

In Sumerian, the equative was formed by adding the suffix -gin7 to the end of a noun phrase:

lugal, "king"; lugal-gin7, "kinglike", "like a king"
nitah-kalaga; "mighty man"; nitah-kalaga-gin7, "like a mighty man"

In Ossetic it is formed by the ending -ау [aw]:

фæт, "arrow"; фæтау, "arrowlike"
Ницы фенæгау йæхи акодта, lit. "nothingseer-like himself made" ("[he or she] pretended to see nothing").

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