Erdős–Burr conjecture

Let G be a simple graph. It follows from Ramsey's theorem that there exists a least integer r(G), the Ramsey number of G, such that any complete graph on at least r(G) vertices whose edges are coloured red or blue contains a monochromatic copy of G.

In 1973, Erdős and Burr made the following conjecture:

For every integer p there exists a constant c_p so that any graph G on n vertices in which every subgraph has a vertex of maximum degree at most p, has its Ramsey number bounded by r(G)leq c_p n

This conjecture has been settled in some special cases:

  • for p-arrangeable graphs, which includes graphs with bounded maximum degree, planar graphs and graphs with no subdivision of K_p;
  • for subdivided graphs.

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