Arpino, Cavaliere d': see Cesari, Giuseppe.
Arpino is a comune (municipality) in the province of Frosinone in the region of Latium in central Italy.


The ancient city dated at least from the 7th century BC. Connected with both the Volscian and Samnite people, it was captured by the Romans and made a civitas sine suffragio in 305 BC. The city gained Roman suffrage in 188 BC and the status of a municipium in 90 BC. Its Roman name was Arpinum. Both Gaius Marius and Cicero were natives of Arpinum.

It was historically part of the province of Terra di Lavoro, being transferred to Lazio during the Fascist government in Italy.

Main sights

Attactions include the circuit walls in polygonal masonry.

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