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5th Canadian (Armoured) Division

5th Canadian (Armoured) Division was a Canadian division during World War II. Following its redesignation from '1st Canadian Armoured Division', the bulk proceeded overseas in one main convoy, arriving in the UK at the end of November 1941.

The 5th Armoured spent two years of the war uneventfully in the UK, finally transferring to the Mediterranean in November 1943 to join I Canadian Corps. The division moved without its tanks and vehicles, inheriting heavily used equipment as a legacy from the British 7th Armoured Division who they relieved in Italy. The 5th Armoured took part in the Italian Campaign until the end of 1944 seeing notable action on the Hitler Line after the Allied breakthrough at Cassino in May 1944 and also during Operation Olive on the Gothic Line in August 1944. As with other Allied armoured divisions in the Mediterranean, local resources were used to establish an additional infantry brigade, the 12th Canadian Infantry Brigade.

In January 1945, the division moved by truck, train, and naval transport to Belgium via Livorno and Marseille. After arriving, it disbanded the 12th Brigade, and re-equipped to join the First Canadian Army in time to participate in the final offensives across the Rhine.

Commanding Officers


Organization until July 1944 and after March 1945

5th Canadian Armoured Brigade

11th Canadian Infantry Brigade

Other Units

Organization July 1944 until March 1945

5th Canadian Armoured Brigade

  • 2nd Armoured Regiment (Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians))
  • 5th Armoured Regiment (8th Princess Louise’s (New Brunswick) Hussars)
  • 9th Armoured Regiment (The British Columbia Dragoons)

11th Canadian Infantry Brigade

  • 11th Independent Machine Gun Company (Princess Louise Fusiliers)
  • The Perth Regiment
  • The Cape Breton Highlanders
  • The Irish Regiment of Canada

12th Canadian Infantry Brigade

Other Units

  • 17th Field Artillery Regiment
  • 8th Field Artillery Regiment (Self-Propelled)
  • 4th Anti-tank Regiment
  • 5th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment
  • 5th Canadian (Armoured) Divisional Signals, R.C. Sigs

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