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Armet Armored Vehicles Gurkha

Armet Armoured Vehicles Gurkha
Country Of Origin: United States
Designation: Light Armored Vehicle
Configuration: 4 x 4
Manufacturer: Armet Armored Vehicles Incorporated
Length: 5.5 m
Width: 2.16 m
Height: N/A m
Wheel Base: N/A m
Ground Clearance: N/A mm
Angle of Approach: N/A
Angle of Departure: N/A
Weight: 19,000 lbs (8,636kg) GVWR
Speed: 150 km/h (93mph)
Range: N/A km
Armament: optional gun turret on top
Power plant: 6.0 L diesel @ 325 hp (560 ft·lbf. of torque)
Crew: 8

Armet Armored Vehicles Gurkha is an armored military vehicle built by Florida based Armet Armored Vehicles Incorporated. The 4 X 4 wheeled light armoured vehicle (LAV) and is based on the larger Armet Armored Vehicles Balkan Mk3 armored truck on a Ford F550 chassis. An optional turret is available for both the Balkan Mk3 and the Gurkha.


  • Balkan an armored light truck (F550 chassis) with armor
  • Balkan Mark 3 - same as the original Balkan with some minor upgrades
  • Balkan Mark 4 - upgraded version of Mk3 with roof turret
  • Kestrel Peacekeeper - upgraded Gurkha without turret


The vehicle has been sold for use by:

The vehicle is also manufactured in Canada in Concord, Ontario.


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