Arliss, George

Arliss, George

Arliss, George, 1868-1946, English actor. He first appeared on the stage in 1887. In 1901 he came to the United States with Mrs. Patrick Campbell to appear in the Belasco production of The Darling of the Gods, and thereafter he became extremely popular for his portrayals of the suave villain. His performance in The Green Goddess was especially noted. He also became a favorite in films; his performance in Disraeli won him an Academy Award (1930).

See his autobiographies, Up the Years from Bloomsbury (1927) and My Ten Years in the Studios (1940).

Leslie Arliss (1901–30 December 1987) was an English screenwriter and director. He was born in London, and died on Jersey (in the Channel Islands).


Arliss started his professional career as a journalist. Later he branched out into being a critic. During the 1920s he entered the film industry as a screenwriter, and author of short stries. In 1941 he became a director, initially fo Associated British, but soon changing to the Gainsborough Pictures. Later he worked for the Alexander Korda-British Lion Film Corporation. He directed several series of television programs.


Many sources say that he was the son of actor George Arliss and his wife actress Florence Arliss. Other sources denies this.

Films in which he was a screenwriter

  • Farmers Wife - 1928
  • Road House - 1934
  • Orders is Orders - 1934
  • Heat Wave - 1935
  • Jack Ahoy - 1935
  • Windbag the Sailor - 1936
  • Rhodes - 1936
  • Good Morning, Boys - 1937
  • Sez O'Reilly to MacNab - 1937
  • Too Dangerous to Live - 1937
  • The Second Mr Bush - 1940
  • Pastor Hall - 1940
  • The Foreman Went to France - 1942
  • The Saint Meets the Tiger - 1943
  • The Woman's Angle - 1952
  • Wicked Lady - 1983

Films that he was a director and a screenwriter

TV Series that he was a director and screenwriter

  • The New Adventures of Charly Chan - 1952
  • Sailor of Fortune - 1955-6
  • Buccaneers - 1956-7
  • The Invisible Man - 1959 (as Screenwriter only)


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