Ardently Love

Ardently Love is the seventh album by Hins Cheung, and was released on August 16 2007. The first edition contains 10 tracks. The second edition contains a bonus DVD containing 12 various karaoke songs.

The tracks on the album are:


  1. 酷愛 (Ardently Love)
  2. 追風箏的孩子 (Kite Chasing Kid)
  3. 迷失表參道 (Lost in Drive)
  4. 感情用事 (Emotional)
  5. 男孩最痛 (What Hurts a Man)
  6. 我的天 (My God)
  7. 悔過詩 (Repentance Poetry)
  8. 悲劇人物 (Tragedy Character)
  9. 遙吻 (Kiss)
  10. 放榜 (Results Released)

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