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Arch Rival Rollergirls

The Arch Rival Roller Girls or ARRG is a women's flat-track roller derby league in St. Louis, Missouri. It is one of more than 100 all-female roller derby leagues currently in existence.


ARRG was founded in 2005 by Sarah Kate Buckles who skates as Mary Manglin'. The league was trained from January, 2006 through May, 2007 by coach Ken Watts, AKA "Papa Wheelie." Watts has an extensive background in artistic roller skating. In 2006 ARRG competed locally as 2 teams, each represented by one of the gang colors, pink and black. In 2007, ARRG expanded to three teams with permanent names and personalities of their own; The Stunt Devils, The M-80s and The Smashinistas. A travel team, composed of select skaters, has also taken part in inter-league competitions against the Northwest Arkansas Rollergirls, the Chi-Town Sirens, and the Windy City Rollers. In May 2007, Papa Wheelie resigned, and the Arch Rival Roller Girls now coach themselves using a committee/rotation system drawing from the experience and strength of the veteran skaters and captains.

The Arch Rival Roller Girls is an organization of more than 60 active skaters and volunteers who manage and operate the league for and by themselves in accordance with the goals and mission of the WFTDA. ARRG leadership in 2008 consists of 9 elected members of the Board of Directors and 6 skaters who serve as elected captains and co-captains of the three teams. In addition, the league's day-to-day activities are managed through the work of different committees such as: Recruitment, Events, Graphics, Propaganda, Publicity, Merchandise, Conversion and Bout Production. ARRG is able to sustain its ambitious goals and events schedule by cross-sponsorship and marketing partnerships with local businesses and entrepreneurs throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area.

The Arch Rival Roller Girls team has been featured extensively in St. Louis's media. They have been featured in local print, T.V. and radio news. Additionally, various rollergirls have been featured individually in the media. Arch Rival Roller Girl Riddle Lynn was featured on the debut of the TLC show My First Home in April, 2007. Dali Madison has been featured on local craft shows.

The Arch Rival Roller Girls's third season will conclude on October 11, 2008 with the championship bout between the M-80's and the Stunt Devils. 2008 season schedule

On September 20, 2008, the Arch Rival Roller Girls travel team won Fall Brawl, a regional tournament hosted by the Ft. Wayne Derby Girls. ARRG, ranked 44 by WFTDA, came into the double-elimination tournament as an underdog. ARRG defeated the Ohio Roller Girls(32) and the Cincinati Rollergirls (20) in early rounds, and came from behind to beat Grand Raggity Rollergirls in a 86-71 victory.


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