Juukou B-Fighter

, was a 1995 Japanese tokusatsu television series. B-Fighter is short for "Beetle Fighter". It was part of Toei's ongoing Metal Heroes series. It dealt with three members of the prestigious Earth Academia fighting against the evil forces of the otherworldly Jamhal Empire. Footage and costumes were taken from B-Fighter and used in Big Bad Beetleborgs; however the shows had very different storylines running through them. It was followed by B-Fighter Kabuto.


The insects of the world all swarm for unknown reasons. To investigate this, Takuya Kai of the Earth Academia journeys into the jungle and met Guru in a cave. Guru tells him that invaders from another dimension are coming to take over the Earth, and that the insects are fighting to protect it. Takuya says humans will fight too. As perparations are being made, the Jamahl arrives on Earth, sending its generals and soldiers to start enslaving mankind. Daisaku and Rei save a girl from Jamar soldiers, but are captured.

Meanwhile, at the Earth Academia, Professor Mukai and Takuya are working on three prototype armor suits to help combat Jamahl. Guru appears there and fuses three beetles into the suits, giving them life. The armors shrink and enter the three B-Commanders, and Guru tells them to select three warriors to fight Gaohm. One chooses Takuya, transforming him into Blue Beet when he opens the B-Commander and cries "Juukou!", and the others fly off to Daisaku and Rei. They change into G-Stag and Reddle, and when Blue Beet arrives the three of them fight off the Jamahl forces.

With their new-found power, the B-Fighters fight to drive back Jamahl's forces. Using their versatile Input Magnums and their powerful Stinger Weapons, they force the Jamahl troops to retreat. Jamahl, however, is too strong to be beaten so easily, and continues to set into motion plans for its world conquest. Its 3 general Gigaro, Jera, and Schwartz send monster after monster after the B-Fighters, but all of them destroyed. Even Gaohm is apparently killed by Blue Beet, but returns soon after in a stronger form. The B-Fighters also use their Beet Machines to fight the Jamar jet-fighters whenever they're required.

In a daring plan, Gaohm commands the evil insect sorceress Jagul to create an evil B-Fighter. Jagul sends a long-horned beetle to bite Takuya and take a sample of his cells. From the beetle and Takuya's cells, Jagul creates the enigmatic Shadow, who has the power to transform into the evil B-Fighter, Black Beet, by raising his Black Commander and shouting "Jakou!". Black Beet proves to be one of the B-Fighters' deadliest enemies, and they are even more shocked when it is revealed that Shadow is a clone of Takuya. Because of this, Shadow cannot coexist with Takuya, and when one is hurt the other also feels pain. Shadow desperately begins searching for a way to stay alive.

Rei leaves the team to go to the South American branch of the Earth Academia. At the same time, a shipment of new weapons, the Pulsabers, is being sent to the team but it is shot down by Jamahl aircraft. They are found by Mai Takatori, who takes them to the Earth Academia and is chosen by the insect power in Rei's B-Commander to be the new Reddle. With their new weapons and a new mecha, the giant Mega Hercules, the B-Fighters are complete once more. The B-Fighters also meet their share of comrades against Gaohm, including Larla, Sinbad, Kaori, and Kabuto, the son of Guru who brings with him the legendary Beet Ingram, paving the way for Blue Beet's evolution into the more powerful Super Blue Beet.

The mysterious alien known as Muscle arrives on Earth with a shining feather that belongs to the legendary creature known as Saint Papilia. Saint Papilia is a "butterfly of life" who restores life to dead planets and can grant the gift of immortality. Muscle was healed once by Saint Papilia and has followed the clues about her to Earth. Muscle is killed, though, and Black Beet gainst possession of the feather. He realizes that Saint Papilia can give him the life he craves, and begins to search for a way to achieve his goal.

But Gaohm has seen these events and he also wants to gain the gift of eternal life. He plans to destroy all life on earth so that Saint Papilia will come to revive it, and then capture her and take his gift of immortality. Gaohm's ultimate plan is the Jamahl Hole, a rift in space that will suck the life-giving atmosphere from the earth. To complete this device, Gaohm begins gathering as much energy as he can. Preparing for the final battle, Gigaro powers himself up into Final Gigaro and attacks the B-Fighters, but is killed by his own master, who needs his life-energy to speed up the Jamahl Hole's completion. Schwartz also launches a series of attacks but his body is destroyed and his head is sent into eternal orbit around the Earth.

Jera, seeing Gaohm's treachery against Gigaro, defects from Jamahl and joins with Black Beet in the search for Saint Papilia. Gaohm uses the warrior Hidra to capture Guru and force him to call the insects to lend their energy to the Jamahl Hole, completing it. Jera sneaks into Gaohm's private chamber and sees his "true" form, and is killed for her knowledge, but not before telling the B-Fighters of the secret room. The B-Fighters begin their final attack on the Jamahl Fortress and break their way into Gaohm's secret chamber. Here they see Gaohm's true form - a small embryonic creature in a liquid-filled glass tank, born from a space warp and now wanting immortality. The B-Fighters eventually destroy the Jamahl Fortress and Gaohm is killed when it crashes to Earth.

The Jamahl Hole is still active, however, and it is up to G-Stag and Reddle in the Mega Hercules to stop it. Meanwhile, Blue Beet and Black Beet prepare for their own final battle. In the duel, Blue Beet is badly wounded but counterattacks as Super Blue Beet and kills Black Beet, who disintegrates into a pile of black ash. But Super Blue Beet also dies from his wounds, and is found by Daisaku and Mai, returning from destroying the Jamahl Hole. Saint Papilia appears overhead and bathes Takuya in a rainbow-colored light, bringing him back to life, saying that the world needs him. Peace has returned to the world at last... or has it?

Kabuto calls the B-Fighters, along with the previous Metal Heroes Blue SWAT and Janperson, to put on a show for the children at a carnival. But their plans are cut short when Jagul, who has survived, begins kidnapping young women and resurrects several defeated monsters to battle the heroes. Sara (of Blue SWAT) and Mai are taken captive by Jagul, who plans to drain their and the other women's life energy to revive the ultimate evil. Mai and Sara escape, but not before Jagul has gained some of the evil power she was after, changing into a new form with the heads of various Blue SWAT, Janperson, and B-Fighter enemies on her. She traps the Metal Heroes in a pocket dimension but Blue Beet manages to escape and finds Jagul's weak point. Super Blue Beet kills Jagul and the heroes give a spectacular show for the children at the carnival.


The B-Fighters

  • /: A 23-year old insect researcher at the Earth Academia, he is the team leader. The first to meet Guru in the South American rainforest, he was also the first to gain a B-Commander and use his suit. As Blue Beet, his armor was modeled after a rhinoceros beetle. His blood was used in the creation of his "evil twin" Shadow. At the second half of the series, Blue Beet gained the ability to evolve into Super Blue Beet (Supa Burū Bīto) by the command "Metal-Phose!" (Metarufooze).
    • Stinger Weapon: Stinger Blade, a triangular swordlike weapon used by Blue Beet.
    • Attacks: Beetle Break, Strike Blast, Super Final Blow
  • /: At age 23, he is an impetuous but nature-loving man. A tree doctor, Daisaku claims to be able to hear trees and plants when they are dying. He, along with Rei, was captured by the Jamar and held as captives during the start of the invasion of Earth, but upon receiving his B-Commander Daisaku made quick work of Jamar's soldiers. He was also aquaphobic until he overcame his fear to save his father Daitesu Katagiri, a fisherman, from a trap laid by the Ebikaania. As the most physically powerful of the B-Fighters, G-Stag's armor is modeled after a Stag beetle. G-Stag is strong enough to lift the Jamar soldiers and toss them around like rag dolls.
    • Stinger Weapon: Stinger Claw, A large yellow pincer-like claw used by G-Stag that he can use to crush enemies or grab them and throw them aside.
    • Attacks: Raging Slash
  • / (1-21): A 22-year old an animal instructor at Earth Academia's Aquarium. Captured along with Daisaku at first and receiving her B-Commander at the same time, she made quick work of Jamal soldiers before joining forces with Takuya and Daisaku. Being the only female B-Fighter, her armor was modeled after a flower beetle. Reddle is the fastest and most nimble of the B-Fighters. She eventually left for the South American branch of Earth Academia to do research and help with protecting the wildlife there.
    • Stinger Weapon: Stinger Plasmar: An array of 4 red beam emitters that fire powerful beams of red ion energy, used by Reddle.
    • Attacks: Tornado Spark
  • / (22-53): Rei's successor, a young and cheerful 19-year old girl who was "chosen" by the Pulsabers as the next Reddle. Mai has a positive look on life and tries to see the good in everything. She also has a love for animals.


  • Professor Kenzou Mukai: An old man dedicated to the pursuit of justice. He fell in love with Sayuri, a plant researcher, many years ago, but left her. When they met once again during Rasbelga's attack, Mukai donned a special armor and donned the title of "Mukaider K-3" to save her. He works as a "mentor" for the B-Fighter, usually working at Earth Academia to assist the team by leading research on Jamahl's warriors and developing new weaponry and vehicles for the B-Fighter.
  • Sayuri
  • Insect Elder Guru: The elder of the insect tribe, and looks like a big brown rhinobeetle. He carries a staff with a curled top and was the one who gave the B-Fighters their powers. Guru possesses great themystical power of his own.
  • Kabuto: Guru's son who left his father a hundred years ago and has been traveling across the dimensions as a supplier of weapons and equipment. He returns to Earth to visit his mother's grave, bringing the Beet Ingram with him. Very childish and naiive, Kabuto often tries to be a hero, only to put himself in danger. He returned at the end of the series to assist the other Metal Heroes in defeating Jaguhl.
  • Tokusou Robo Janperson and Gun Gibson: The robotic detective heroes from the 1993 Metal Heroes series Tokusou Robo Janperson, they appeared and assisted the B-Fighters in their battle against Jagul at the end of the series.
  • Shou, Sig and Sarah (Blue SWAT, Grey SWAT, Purple SWAT): Trio of special, heavily armed alien-destroying heroes. The 3 main heroes from the 1994 Metal Heroes series Blue SWAT. Sarah and Mai were captured by Jagul, and Shou and Sig, along with Janperson and Gun Gibson, aided the B-Fighters to rescue them.
  • Saint Papilia: A legendary "butterfly of life" who can grant immortality. She appears when the life on a world has been destroyed. She then revives the world by giving it new life. Saint Papilia already appeared once on Earth, after the Ice Age, and revived the Earth so the life of today could be born and grow. Saint Papilia has also revived Muscle during the course of her existence. Both Gaohm and Black Beet sought Saint Papilia in the hopes of obtaining her gift of eternal life. After he defeated Shadow, Takuya was severely wounded and died. Saint Papilia appeared above him and resurrected him, saying that Earth still needed him.
  • Larla: A scientist from the Aroa dimension who falls in love with Takuya.
  • Sinbad (30): A contestant in Jamahl's "Ghost Zone" battle that Jamahl had, for which they kidnapped the B-Fighters, which sent them another dimension, and forced them to participate in combat. Daisaku soon learned that Sinbad was infiltrating Jamahl in an attempt to assassinate Gaohm for destroying his homeworld. Gaohm learned of this, however, and sent a resurrected Death Mult to kill Sinbad and the B-Fighters. Realizing that the only way for the B-Fighter to return home was by the explosion caused by Death Mult's demise, Sinbad kamikazed Death Mult and killed them both. Before the B-Fighters became free and left the dimension, Sinbad asked them to please defeat Gaohm and the Jamahl.
  • Kaori: A ghost called forth by one of Jera's soldiers who breaks free of his control and helps fight against him.
  • Drago (Movie): Another insect warrior, Drago lost any memory of his past until his fight with Blue Beet restored it. His powers are dragonfly based. Once learning who he really was, he helped the B-Fighters defeat Hells Gyra.
  • B-Fighter Kabuto: The next generation of B-Fighters 10 years later.


  • B-Commanders: The B-Fighter's Henshin devices, the command is "Juukou!" (Heavy Shell). The B-Commanders later disappear with Guru's death in B-Fighter Kabuto.
  • Saber Magnum: Combination of the Input Magnums & Pulsabers. It can fire a powerful beam of energy called the Maxim Beam.
    • Input Magnum: The Input Magnums are the B-Fighter's side arms. It has a 10- key pad on the side, and by keying in different combinations of 3 numbers the gun can fire a variety of different projectiles, although not all of these were used on the show.
      • 110: Beam Mode
      • 010: Freezing Beam
      • 108: Supersonic Sound waves
      • 119: Fire Extinguishing Gas
      • 289: Magnetic Beam
      • 818: Flamethrower
      • 964: Destructive Bullets
      • 264: Flash Bullets
      • 305: Torimochi Bullet
      • 967: Anti-Gravity Beam
      • 049: Rescue Signal
      • 088: Laughing Gas
      • 409: Anesthetic
      • 054: Recovery
      • 026: Boiling Water
    • Pulsabers: A short sword modeled after a Hercules Beetle with a gold blade. Used by each of the B-Fighters, they have voice-activated features and can be used with Mega Heracles. (First appear in episode 22). With this each fighter can execute the PulSlash, a diagonal slash with the Pulsaber. The Pulsaber can also attach to the top of the Input Magnum to form the Saber Magnum weapon.
  • Stinger Drill: An augmented Stinger Drill used by Blue Beet after a fight with BlackBeet damaged the Stinger Blade. A large drill that attaches to the wrist-piece of the Stinger Weapon. The front and back halves of the drill rotate in opposite directions, and his attack with it is the Strike Blast, a charging stab that bores a hole through his enemies. First appearance (episode 21).
  • Beet Ingram: A red and white semi-automatic-like double-barreled gun. The Beet Ingram is a legendary gun that is said can only be used by a great hero. The top of the Beet Ingram can fold forward and over the barrels so that they are covered by a single barrel with two pincerlike armatures protruding from it. The Beet Ingram in this mode can be combined with Blue Beet's Pulsaber by attaching the Pulsaber to the top, to create the Beet Ingram Final Mode, whose power reached it full potential when wielded by Super Blue Beet for Super Final Blow attack.


The Beet Machines are the mecha used by the B-Fighters to fight the Jamahl fighter jets.

  • Mega Beet Formation: Combination of all the Beet Machines.
    • Flap Formation: Combination of Beetluder and Staggertank.
      • Beetluder: Blue Beet's Beet Machine. From the 2 tips of its horn, it can fire the Beet Blazer. It can attach the Magnet Attachment concealed within the Staggertank onto its horn also in Flap Formation. With the magnet in place, the Beetluder can fire the Beetractor.
      • Staggertank: G-Stag's Beet Machine. It has a double-barreled cannon, the Stag Buster. Also uses Stagger Scissors. It can also attach the Drill Attachment stored in the Beetluder in Flap Formation onto its grabbers.
    • Red Gyro: Reddle's Beet Machine. It has two gyro wings and a laser cannon known as the Red Pulser. Also attacks with Gyro Typhoon. Contains a magnet-cable that can be used with the Beetluder's Magnet Attachment to lift objects.
    • Mega Heracles: Giant walking beetle mecha based on a Hercules Beetle and controlled with the Pulsabers. Has two parts, Jet Heracles (A jet-like vehicle that is the "horn" of the main mecha) and Land Heracles, which is made up of the main body. Carries the three mecha of the B-Fighters into battle. When the three other BeetMachine's are docked on the top of Mega Heracles in Mega Beet Formation, it can use a massive energy cannon located on its front "horn".


Beings from another dimension, the Jamahl's (ジャマール) base of operation, the Jamahl Fortress was a claw-like dreadnaught. It had an opening where the palm would be, where the Jamar fighter jets emerged from and where Jamahl's new super-weapons were located.

  • Emperor Gaohm (ガオーム) (1-50): The mysterious leader of the Jamahl, who first appeared as a tall figure with a white and purple robe and chitinous face. Gaohm possessed the power to teleport people to the "Gaohm Zone". He was supposedly killed by the B-Fighters, only to reappears as Final Gaohm, a gigantic torso floating in space, with an exposed purple heart, only one arm (the right one) and wires running all through and over/on his body. However, both forms were dummies used by the real Gaohm, a small embryonic enity in a tank full of liquid. Gaohm revealed that he was born from a space warp and wandered through space until he gained enough power to assemble the Jamahl for his life-long goal of capturing Saint Papilia so he can obtain immortality. To that end, he plans to destroy all life on Earth, using the Jamahl Hole, by sucking up the world's atmosphere so everyone would die and Saint Papilia will come to revive Earth, only to be captured and be forced to give Gaohm the immortality. After he creates the "Jamahl Hole", he was killed when his fortress crashed on Earth. Gaohm was later revived/absorbed by Jagul in the series finale.
  • Jera (ジェラ) (1-50): A female warrior who wore a red robe and had a white mannequin-like face mask and a red beret. She used a whip that she could charge with energy, as a weapon, in battle. Jera commanded the Mercenary Army. In battle, Jera discarded her robe to reveal a leotard-like, red and pink costume. She turned against Gaohm upon learning of Gigaro's death by his hand, allying herself only with Shadow/Black Beet, who had also saved her from Schwartz's insane rage upon losing his body. After seeing Gaohm kill Hidra, Jera decided to rebel against her former leader. Upon seeing Gaohm in his true form, Jera was mortally wounded and cast back down to earth. After being found by the B-Fighters, her mask disappeared, revealing her to be a blonde, caucasian woman. Before dying, she revealed how the B-Fighters could infiltrate Gaohm's ship.
  • Schwartz (シュヴャルツ) (1-48): The leader of the Combat-mecha army, he was actually a computer virus given a mechanical body. When Jera left Jamahl and Gigaro died, Schwartz took on the B-Fighters on is own. His body was destroyed in the process, though his head survived. However, the damage left Schwartz critically insane as he took control of various objects on Earth before his "immortal head" was blasted into outer space where it will orbit the Earth for all eternity. Before being sent into space, Schwartz even tried to kill Jera, but she was saved by Black Beet.
  • General Gigaro (ギガロ) (1-47): A creature composed of various animal parts, Gigaro commanded the Synthoid-Beast Army. Gigaro was originally a skeletal creature on a desert planet in the Garo dimension, hunted for unknown reasons by humanoids. Exhausted and near death, Gaohm gave him a new powerful body and recruited him into Jamahl. Gigaro used a white bonelike sword and his whale-flatop could open to reveal a gun. Gigaro imbued himself with life energy meant for the Jamahl to power-up into Final Gigaro, a red and white version of himself with more power. He was ultimately killed by his master Gaohm so that his life energy would hasten the completion of the Jamahl Hole. Gigaro was originally supposed to be revived/absorbed by Jagul, but Mai and Kabuto's interference left Gigaro to remain dead and Jagul with a weak point on her new body.
  • Insect Sorceress Jagul (ジャグール) (19-20, 52-53): A mysterious woman Gaohm commissioned to create an evil B-Fighter. Jagul sent a long-horned beetle to bite Takuya and take a DNA sample from him. From the beetle and Takuya's cells, Jagul created Shadow/Black Beet. She resurfaced long after Jahaml was destroyed and started kidnapping young women and resurrecting several defeated monsters to battle the heroes (including Gagamoth's first form and Iluba from B-Fighter as well as Queen (Blue S.W.A.T.'s enemy), Billgoldy (Janperson's enemy), and assorted aliens that Blue S.W.A.T. had fought in their series. Jagul soon underwent a transformation into a composite-entity with eight arms and the faces of Gaohm's second form, Black Beet, and the various resurrected creatures (Bagma Virus, Death Mult, and some of the monsters fought by Blue SWAT) on her after reviving/absorbing them. She even betrayed/aborbed Queen and Billgoldy once they outlived their usefulness and their faces appeared on her. She trapped the B-Fighters, Janperson, Gun Gibson, and the Blue S.W.A.T. team in a pocket dimension, but Blue Beet managed to escape and hit Jagul's weak point (which Gigaro's face was supposed to go if he was revived/absorbed by Jagul) to release the others. She was soon mortally wounded by the ultimate attacks of Super Blue Beet, Hyper Shou, and Janperson's Flash Cannon which regressed her back to her previous form. Afterwards, she was dragged into death by Billgoldy.
  • Shadow (シャドー) / Black Beet (ブラック ビート) (19-51): An evil clone of Takuya/Blue Beet made by the nefarious Jagul, Shadow is highly powerful, and by raising his Black Commander and shouting "Jakou!" (Evil Shell), was quite a formidable opponent to the other B-Fighters as Black Beet, whose armor was modeled after a Longhorn beetle. Because he was a clone, Shadow could not survive on his own and sought Saint Papilia's power to obtain an immortal life of his own. He's weapons are a black Input Magnum known as the Jamming Magnum, and an extending hand-claw known as the Stinger Byoot. He died at Super Blue Beet's hands, reduced to a pile of black ash. Black Beet was later revived/absorbed by Jagul in the series finale.
  • Jamahl Fighter Jets (ジャマール ファイター ジェッツ)
  • Elite Jamar (エリート ジャマー) (50): Gaohm has his own Elite Jamar, who are more powerful then the normal versions. Elite Jamar can only be destroyed by destroying their head. Elite Jamar can reassemble themselves as well as blast lasers from their eyes.
  • Jamar (ジャマー): Faceless soldiers that served Gaohm and were employed in menial tasks.


Jamahl's monsters come in different armies, each led by one of the three Jamahl generals.

Mercenary Army

The is composed of mercenary warriors from various dimensions who joined Jamahl for various reasons; some of these warriors were humans wearing armor. Led by Jera.

  • Saberiza (1): A swordsman who carried a large sword that he used as a weapon, and was the first of Jamahl's monsters that the B-Fighters battled against after gaining their powers. Killed by the Stinger Weapons.
  • Zaiking (6, 30): Sent to burn down the forests. His head resembled that of a cow's skull and he wielded an axe-covered mace in battle. He could blast lasers from the axe-covered mace. Zaiking's destruction of the forest angered Daisaku, an avid lover of nature, and lead to him defeating Zaiking.
  • Bardas (8): An other-dimensional warrior who got his power from a jewel called the Pholon Jewel, which fits inside his head. With his jewel he could fire energy blasts and was nearly unstoppable, but the B-Fighters destroyed it and killed him after losing his jewel had horribly weakened him.
  • Baala (10): A comrade of Jera's who wore an armored chestplate made from the Black Dragon, a monster that Jera and Baala defeated some time ago together. Eventually, however, the revenge-filled spirit within the armor turned on Baala and possessed her so it could have its' revenge on Jera through this new vessel. Baala finally broke free of its control and stabbed it and herself with a dagger. Near death, but free of the Dragon and still a warrior, Baala challenged Blue Beet to a duel and died a warrior's death.
  • Iluba (16, 30, 52-53): Iluba was sent to kill Mina, the last survivor of the Botania Dimension (The Botania Dimension is one of the many dimensions that Jamahl had conquered). Her father sent her to our dimension with the seeds of the Botania tribe, and erased her memory. Iluba sort of resembled a samurai warrior. The source of his power was his sword, which Reddle destroyed and finished the weakened Iluba off using her Stinger Plasma. He was later revived by Jagul to fight the B-Fighters.
  • Gorgodal (23): Gorgodal was one of Jera's mercenaries who fought the B-Fighters for the money. When Mai gave him a scolding for following Jera, and ultimately Jahmal, just for the money, Gorgodal decided to quit and tried to return the money he had been paid. But Gaohm didn't accept this and brainwashed Gorgodal so that he would be nothing but a raging monster. Mai tried to talk to him again, but he could barely remember her name. Gorgodal eventually had to be destroyed, but was given a burial and his grave was marked with his own shuriken.
  • Shinigamian (28): A Grim Reaper-like being with the power to summon the spirits of the dead and control them, unless they had things they wanted to accomplish on Earth, which made them able to resist his control. One of the ghosts raised, a young girl named Yuri wanted to fall in love before she died and thus resisted crossing over. She fell in love with Takuya and helped him fight Shinigamian by helping the other ghosts realize they were just being used. Once Shinigamian was dead, the ghosts were free to return to the afterlife. Yuri followed this time, having fallen in love with Takuya and thus finishing her unfinished business.
  • Night Biker (33): Originally Kazuma Iwata, a reckless biker met by Mai, he was put in Jamhal's "Survival School" with Mai, who tried to get him and the other captured people, out of the School. Kazuma was brainwashed and changed into an evil warrior by a machine used by Jera. The control device was in his bike's fairing, and when that was destroyed, Night Biker changed back into Kazuma, now safe and back to normal.
  • Hidra (49): Nicknamed Spider of Flame, she was assigned the job of capturing Guru so Gaohm could use him to gather the energy of the insects on the planet to complete the Jamahl Hole. Gaohm, secretly from Jera, promised Hidra that she would take Jera's place, if she had succeeded, which she did, and he gave her an armband as proof of her new rank. However, the armband was actually a bomb. Despite Jera's learning of this and warning Hidra, Hidra blew up and died but not before telling the B-Fighter to kill Gaohm for her. In battle, Hidra could blast fire and smoke from her mouth as well as send out web threads to wrap/bind her enemies.

Synthoid-Beast Army

The is composed of humanoid chimeras and other animal-based creatures. Led by Gigaro.

  • Heavysnake (2): Sent to hunt and capture humans for Jamahl, it has a humanoid body with a long snake draped over the head area that serves as its arms. In battle with the B-Fighters, the snake was destroyed to reveal a second head and pair of arms underneath. The second head could blast lasers from its' mouth, but Heavysnake was still destroyed.
  • Bagma Virus (5, 30): Can shrink to microscopic size and infiltrate the B-Fighers' Insect Armor and control them to move as he wished, and could reproduce asexually to control more than one B-Fighter at once. In battle, he could blast electricity from his antennae. He was eventually destroyed by the B-Fighters. Bagma Virus was later revived/absorbed by Jagul in the series finale.
  • Gari-Nezu (9, 30): A hunchbacked gray-furred rat monster with sharp gnawing teeth. His mission was to gnaw through underground power cables to create a mass panic. However, he had a phobia of cats, so severe that he ran out of the battle at the sight of one. To cure this, Gigaro forced Gari-Nezu to run through a maze with Jamar soldiers holding cats behind every corner 100 times. After the 100th time, his fear was gone, though he was still killed by Blue Beet. In battle, he could roll into a ball and tackle opponents as well as breathe fire.
  • Namakeruge (12, 30): A sloth monster who lacked any motivation to fight. He could steal others' motivation for himself and did so with Takuya and Daisaku. The stolen motivation was collected in the pouch on his back. He was able to steal the motivation of both Takuya and Daisaku, but the insect power of their B-Commanders brought them back to their senses. He was killed when G-Stag sliced the pouch open to restore everyone's motivation, leaving them free to finish him off in his weakened state.
  • Bububu (15, 30): A pig monster who could breathe a white gas that stole human voices, rendering people unable to make any noises other than pig grunting and sqealing. In battle he could also breathe fire and blast lasers from his tusks. Blue Beet managed to destroy him with the Stinger Blade.
  • Kamazakiller (21, 30): A praying mantis monster whose mission was to spread its eggs throughout the city, injecting them into people using her long, spiked tongue. The eggs would then grow and hatch her offspring inside their hosts. Kamazakiller was killed by Blue Beet's new weapon, the Stinger Drill, using the Strike Blast.
  • Ebiganya (26): A red-shelled crab/shrimp combination monster who could emit a liquid that turned ordinary water into poison. After Daisaku's father tried to stop him from polluting the water, Ebigaanya set him adrift with a bomb in his boat. Daisaku overcame his fear of the water and saved his father, and returned to battle Shrimpcrabya. He was killed by a hot water blast from the Input Magnums, which cooked him and rendered him incapacitated for G-Stag to finish him off with the Raging Slash. In battle he could deflect shots from his shelled armor as well as blast water as strong pulses.
  • Maskuder (31): Supposedly based on an amoeba, he wears a gold mask with rows of faces surround it while nested on each other, extending in a starlike pattern. Maskuder disguised himself as a plastic surgeon able to make anyone beautiful if they used his special masks. The masks gave his customers the face of the famous model Mizuzu Shiratori, who happened to be a childhood friend of Mai's. But the masks actually were explosive control devices that let Maskuder control the wearers and detonate them when he broke the mask he wore, which was his central gold face. Under the gold mask he wore was a single eye. Maskuder could also cause explosions on command.
  • The Moja (34): A species of other dimensional creatures that Gigaro gave to several children in the guise of a salesman, with the instructions that if they started to act up, to hit them with a special stick he gave them. But the stick causes the Moja to become fierce creatures that absorbed the consciousness of the one who hits them. The creatures then eventually gathered together and transformed into the moth-headed monster Mojanga. Mojanga could also breathe fire in battle. The children's consciousness was trapped inside Mojanga, seeing the outside world. Though the children tried to urge the B-Fighters to fight, Mojanga could bring about exactly the reverse of what the consciousnesses trapped inside him said. Eventually Daisaku managed to get inside Mojanga's body and freed the children.
  • Gagamoth (36, 52-53): At first it was an energy-sucking caterpillar monster, but it metamorphosized into a red moth monster when it absorbed the Beet Ingram's power. In this form, its right and left arms end transformed into duplicates of the Input Magnum and Stinger Blade respectively. It was, soon after, the first to be destroyed by the newly born Super Blue Beet. Gagamoth's first form was later revived by Jagul to fight the B-Fighters.
  • Rasbelga (28): A monster created from the fictional "Rasbel" flower, a carnivorous plant that could move on its' own and feed on small animals. Although almost invincible, Rasbelga's only weakness was the fruit of a tree discovered by Sayuri, an old girlfriend of Mukai's, which made him spit out the people he swallowed & robbed him of his pollen spray so he could be defeated. In battle, aside from spraying pollen, it could also launch vines from inside of its' mouth and strangle enemies. Mukai went to stop, Rasbelga by donning a bulky armor, calling himself "Mukaider K-3", though the armor fell apart gradually as he fought. Despite this, Mukai's actions enabled Blue Beet to help G-Stag and Reddle, who were stuck within Rasbelga's stomach, to break free and finish the monster.
  • Hell Sugyra (Movie): A monster whose body was covered in bony plates. He could also control the bones that lay strewn around his island, extending them and using them to capture the B-Fighters. Hellsgyra was beaten by the combined powers and strength of Drago and Blue Beet.

Combat-Mecha Army

The is composed of combat robots. Led by Schwartz.

  • Hammer Kong (3, 30): A silver and gold robot with giant hammers on his hands and a head in the shape of a hammer head with the striking surface being his face. He could pound his hammer hands on the ground to create explosive shockwaves (Hammer Crush), or toss them like giant boomerangs. He could also fire an energy beam from his one eye & spit giant nails to pin his enemies to the wall. He was destroyed by Reddle's Tornado Spark.
  • Death Launcher (4, 30): A green robot with missile launchers on his shoulders and gun batteries on his wrists, which were his major weapons. He was destroyed by the Beetle Break.
  • Gamerio (7, 30): A black camera-based robot with a lens on his chest and eyes that looked like flashbulbs. Gamerio disguised himself as a photographer, and when he took pictures of people they were transported to a Jamahl slave quarry to work for Jamahl. His transport could be interfered with by high-frequency sound waves, such as those emitted by a dog whistle.
  • Ikari-Bomber (11, 27): A walking purple hand grenade with arms and legs and blue and green camouflage markings. When he got mad, his arms and legs folded in so that he looked like a giant grenade, the meter on the left side of his head went into the red zone, the pin on his head flew off and he exploded with tremendous power. He was destroyed when Reddle used the Wire Hand with the Magne Attachment to pick up Ikari-Bomber off the ground, and blown up by the Beetluder and Stagger Tank's guns. He was eventalluy rebuilt as Ikari-Bomber 2, with a new orange-colored body and slightly different head. Ikari Bomber 2 was now able to self-explode and self-repair. However, during a battle at a junkyard, he accidentally incorpated a hair clipper into his body, which grafted itself onto his left hand. Overcome by the hair clipper's desire to cut hair and to get back at those who had discarded it when it was still usable, Ikari-Bomber went on a rampage, shaving people's heads. He kept being blown up and coming back together until finally the B-Fighters destroyed his remains one by one to hinder his self-repair ability.
  • Gagamirror (13): A white robot with a domelike head and a rounded chest that could open up into a large mirror, and anyone whose reflection he captured in the mirror could be trapped inside, and Gagamirror could assume their shape. He sucked Takuya into his mirror and disguised himself as Takuya to infiltrate the Heavyshell Base, but Rei realized his identity when Gagamirror stepped on flowers as he took a young boy who Takuya knew to see the Beetmachines (earlier, Takuya went as far as swerving and breaking in the Beetluder to avoid hitting some flowers). Killed by the Beetle Break.
  • Dangar (25, 30): A blue robot with red circles on his chest, elbows, and shoulders, and black spikes on his arms, legs, and head. Dangar's mission was to eliminate the escapee Lala, who had been forced to help build the Death Gaohm, a super-cannon that could destroy an entire country in one blast, but had run away. Lala was actually a scientist from the Aroa dimension and although she fell in love with Takuya, she returned home after Dangar and the Death Gaohm were destroyed.
  • Macho Number-5 (41): Schwartz's older brother, though Schwartz actually built him with his own two mechanical hands. He was a muscular robot with blue and white armor plating and a face/faceplate like Schwartz's. He was injured in a battle with the B-Fighters, however, mostly to save him, Schwartz entered Macho's head to pilot him personally. The two together were a formidable enemy, and Macho's final plan to get rid of the B-Fighter was a self-destruct switch he had installed in himself. He activated it and planned to take out the B-Fighter with him when he exploded, and so he told Schwartz to get out of his body. Schwartz refused, since they were brothers. But seconds before his death, Macho ejected Schwartz for his little brother's own safety. The only bit of remains Schwartz found later, was Macho's eyepiece which he took as a memento of his brother. He vowed to his brother he would defeat the B-Fighters for him.


  • "Training Robots" (2): The B-Fighters were testing their newly acquired powers on three robotic drones and practicing their guns' special beams. The robots were quickly destroyed. These robots were recycled from previous Metal Hero shows, one of which was a Janperson monster.
  • Death Mult (17-18, 30): Originally one of Jera's soldiers, he was defeated by the B-Fighters easily. After this, Jera retrieved his body and decided to bring him back to life and make him a combination of all three monster army types. Though he still resembled himself, his armor was now red. Gigaro provided a scorpion's tail and wings while Schwartz added built-in shoulder cannons. Death Mult proved able to defeat the B-Fighter until the three generals started arguing about which feature he should use to attack and kill them. Death Mult was stalled by the conflicting orders, enough time for the B-Fighters to defeat him. He was later resurrected by Gaohm to exterminate the B-Fighters and Sinbad. He was destroyed again by Sinbad. Death Mult was later revived/absorbed by Jagul in the series finale.
  • Babanba (32): At first, an old woman in a brown kimono with a brown cloth over her head and a wooden cask on her back. She could suck people inside the cask, which she used to turn them into pickles which she sold to creatures in other dimensions. She later revealed her true form, a demonic creature that could sprout and attack with claws and fangs during battle. Babamba was not truly evil, however, and although Jera tried to trick her into fighting the B-Fighters, an old man who had befriended her convinced her that she didn't need to fight anymore. She decided to stay in this dimension with him, and shattered her cask, freeing the people inside.
  • Nero (37): A so-called bodyguard from another dimension who wore cowboyish attire. He appeared during a fight and offered Jera his services, but in the fight he missed the B-Fighters and escaped back to Jamahl for his pay. Later, he approached the B-Fighters and claimed that he was just trying to infiltrate Jamahl so he could take out Gaohm, and if they paid him he would do just that. Mai believed him and scrounged up enough to pay him. Nero was planning to take the money from both sides and leave this dimension, when Mai found out that he had Jamahl money. Jera also appeared, having discovered his secret, and Jera impaled Nero. Meanwhile, Mai had scanned Nero's gun and found out that it was designed to miss. Nero hated war, and never meant to kill anyone. He died after telling Mai to end the fight quickly, because war is a terrible thing.
  • Figer (39): A legendary fire-breathing cat monster that was fossilized and unable to move. Gigaro had Schwartz use a youth-restoring machine to bring back Figer, but Schwartz set it too high and the Faigar that came out was a child who would breathe fire towards anyone around him, including Gigaro. While trying to stop it, Blue Beet tackled Figer and was hit by residual youth energy that was in it, turning Takuya into a child. Gigaro and Schwartz eventually recaptured Figer with candy so they can place Figer back into the machine to age it to a more dangerous age, but overdid it and the Figer that came out this time was blackened and burnt. Blue Beet also used this chance to restore his own age, then destroyed Figer with the Super Final Blow.
  • Muscle (40): A mysterious armored amphibious alien who arrives on Earth with a shining feather that belongs to Saint Papilia. He was once healed by her power, and has followed clues about her to Earth. Already weakened upon his arrival on Earth, Muscle confronts both the B-Fighters and the Jamahl forces, only to be killed by Black Beet. Black Beet then gains possession of Papilia's feather. He was more of a guest character than a malevolent alien.
  • Giga-Tsukinowa (42): The spirit of a bear who was hunted and destroyed in the mountains. Gigaro, who felt a common bond, rekindled Giga-Tsukinowa's hatred of man and made him a blood-thirsty monster whom Gigaro used for his "B-Fighter Hunt". Captured a young friend of Mai, though it appeared to show signs of compassion upon seeing a teddy bear that the young girl had with her. Eventually defeated by the team.
  • "Giant Stone Statue" (48)


  1. Insect Warriors!!
  2. The Dancing Human Hunt!!
  3. They Appeared - The Insect Mecha!!
  4. Super Machine Great Riot
  5. Heavyshell-Jack!!
  6. Listen to the Forest's Cry
  7. The Mysterious Violent Photographer!!
  8. Please!! Evil Jewel
  9. The Tabby-cat Recovery Operation
  10. A Violent Fight!! The Dragon Swordsman
  11. The Great Reckless Run of the Angry Robo
  12. Stealing Motivation!!
  13. Heavyshell Base Endangered!
  14. The Deadly Maze of Heaven
  15. The Idol who Flew
  16. The Flaming Super-dimensional Girl
  17. Death Fight!! The Combined Monster
  18. The Great Leader Dies!!
  19. Birth of the New Warrior of Darkness
  20. Crash!! The Black Terror
  21. Atrocious Insect Tag
  22. First Experience as a Heroine
  23. A Bouquet for a Monster...
  24. Enter the Giant Beetle
  25. The Beautiful Runaway!!
  26. Crabs and Swimsuits and Dad
  27. Revive the Bad-Haircutting Soul
  28. The Pure-hearted Ghost of Summer
  29. Great Crash of the Rivals
  30. The 13 Monsters Great Combat Meet
  31. A Dangerous Young Lady
  32. Loving Pickles!!
  33. The Delinquent Girl of Justice
  34. A Scaaary Pet
  35. Thank you, Kabuto-kun
  36. Behold - the Heavyshell Super Evolution
  37. Don't Swindle us, Bodyguard
  38. Professor!! The Heavyshell of Love
  39. The B-Fighter Boy's adventure
  40. A New Chapter - the Butterfly of Life
  41. My Older Brother is Buff
  42. The Spiteful Bear's B-Fighter Hunt
  43. I Saw It!! Black's Unadorned Face
  44. The Butterfly of Life Appears!!
  45. A Christmas Eve Memory
  46. Despair!! Heavyshell Impossible
  47. Revival to Victory!!
  48. The Immortal Combination Rushing Head
  49. The Spider Woman's Unfeeling Flame
  50. Rush!! Final Battle in the Fortress
  51. The Period of Light and Shadow
  52. Assemble!! The 3 Great Heroes
  53. Flap Your Wings!! Heroes
  54. Movie: Heavyshell B-Fighter

Miscellaneous Information

  • Like many Tokusatsu, B-Fighter had its share of alumni actors:
    • Daisuke Tsuchiya (Takuya) and Keisuke Tsuchiya (Shadow) are twin brothers. In previous projects, Keisuke played Kazu/Kirin Ranger in Gosei Sentai Dairanger while his brother guest-starred as a clone of Kazu. The two also worked as twin ninjas, Tarou & Jirou, in Ninja Sentai Kakuranger.
    • Keiichi Wada who played as Ryo/Ryuu Ranger in Gosei Sentai Dairanger made a guest appearance as Kazuma Iwata/Night Biker.
    • Shigeru Kanai later had experience in Super Sentai, he played Yuusaku Hayakawa/MegaSilver in 1997's Denji Sentai Megaranger.
    • Ami Kawaii, who played Baara in Episode 10 is another sentai alumni. She played Lamie in Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger.
  • Actress Reina Hazuki had to leave the show due to a neck injury; in her final few episodes (starting with episode 16), she remains inactive other than in their base of operation (usually at a computer) and is seen wearing a large scarf concealing her neck, which she barely moves.
  • In many of the episode previews, action footage lacks any animated effects which were added to the final footage, thus showing unfinished shots of characters disappearing, being pulled away while sparks shoot out (later an animated "beam" was added to many of these scenes) and other areas of unfinished footage.
  • The series used some recycled music from Kamen Rider Black, Black RX and ZO as well as recycled footage from RX.



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