applied science

Bachelor of Applied Science

A Bachelor of Applied Science is an undergraduate degree awarded for a course of study that generally lasts three years in the United Kingdom and Australia, three to five years in Canada, and four to five years in the Netherlands and the United States.

In Canada, the Netherlands and other places the Bachelor of Applied Science is an alternate name that is equivalent to the Bachelor of Engineering, which is considered to be a professional degree. In the United States, Australia and New Zealand this degree is usually reserved for more applied fields of study and does not usually limit access to professional certifications.

In the United States, the Bachelor of Applied Science the degree focuses on serving those who already have an associate degree or diploma and technical career focus. Typically, students completing this degree build on past education; however, options usually exist for students with limited or no past higher education to complete the degree requirements (usually 128-credit hours).

This degree articulates well with high school programs, associate degree programs, diploma programs and provides for opportunities of advanced learning through graduate studies in a variety of fields (including engineering, computer science, technology and management). In addition, this degree usually provides additional opportunities for professional growth in the workplace.

A Bachelor of Applied Science degree usually requires a student to take a majority of their courses in the applied sciences, specializing in a specific area such as the following:

A graduate of a Bachelor of Applied Science program receives the designation BAS, B.A.S., BASc, B.ASc., B.A.Sc., B.App. Sc, B.Appl. Sc, or B.S. for a major or pass degree and BAS(Hons), B.ASc.(Hons), B.A.Sc.(Hons) and B.S. (Hons) or others for an honours degree.

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