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The White Barn Candle Company

White Barn Candle Company, LLC is an American fragrance line that's part of the larger Limited Brands family. White Barn Candle Company was originally opened as Bath & Body Works Home stores in the 1990's. Over time, the stores were either converted to freestanding White Barn stores, Bath & Body Works Side by Side stores, or were closed entirely. Currently, most White Barn stores are connected to Bath & Body Works or are integrated into Bath & Body Works Flagship stores. White Barn Candle Co. stores offer candles, other forms of home fragrance, and home decor. Bath & Body Works core stores also carry an assortment of White Barn products, such as the ever-so-popular Wallflowers and RealEssence candles. In some cases, White Barn was introduced to a shopping center when the company downsized many of its flagship The Limited stores. The White Barn Candle Co. also offers a more sophisticated brand, White Barn New York, and products from unique home fragrance lines, like the Elton John Rocks collection.

White Barn prides itself on providing unique scents and sophisticated ambiance to their customers' homes. White Barn offers the customer an imaginative way to express his or her personality, fill a room with ambiance, or even set the mood for a special occasion.

White Barn Vs. White Barn New York

White Barn Candle Co.'s scents mirror the body fragrances that are within Bath and Body Works. This way, customers can fragrance their homes with their favorite fragrances. The highly fragrant RealEssence candles are made of a pure vegetable wax, which itself has no fragrance, so all you smell are the high quality oils that are added to the wax. All RealEssence candles also have a pure cotton wick. Small RealEssence candles have a burn time of 50 hours, while the large RealEssence will scent your home for up to 100 hours.
 - Fresh Florals:
     - Sweet Pea
     - Cherry Blossom
     - Wild Honeysuckle
     - Moonlight Path
     - Enchanted Orchid
     - Velvet Tuberose
 - Luscious Fruits:
     - Coconut Lime Verbena
     - Mango Mandarin
     - Cucumber Melon
     - Black Raspberry Vanilla
     - Midnight Pomegranate
 - Sensual Exotics:
     - Sensual Amber
     - Japanese Cherry Blossom
     - Black Amethyst
     - Warm Vanilla Sugar
 - Exclusive Home Fragrances (these are not available in body care)
     - Blissful Blackberry
     - Bartlett Pear
     - Spiced Cider
     - Cinnamon Stick
     - Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin
     - Creamy Nutmeg
     - Lilac Blossom
     - Clean Mist
     - Shore Breeze
     - Pineapple Mango
     - Orange Nectar
     - Passionfruit and Guava
     - Fresh Linen
     - Sandalwood Vanilla
     - Mango Spearmint

White Barn New York offers what are considered by some to be "more sophisticated" and unique scents. These candles are also made from vegetable wax which is believed to create less sooting while burning. The brand is broken down into the following categories with an example of each:

 - Clean Fresh and Pure:
     - Fresh Linen
 - Coffee and Tea:
     - Tahitian Hazelnut Torte
 - Fresh and Ripe:
     - Passion Fruit and Guava
 - Petals and Blooms:
     -Buttercups and Bellflowers
 - Sprigs and Twigs:
     - Applemint
 - Tahitian Vanilla:
     - Vanilla Coconut
 - True Temptations:
     - Warm Apple Pie
 - Wood and Spice:
     - Cinnamon and Clove Buds


The products within White Barn include:

  • Filled Candles
  • RealEssence Candles
  • Tea Lights
  • Home Fragrance Oil
  • Wallflowers Electric Scent Diffusers
  • Wallflowers Refill Bulbs
  • Scentports
  • Scentport refills
  • Scentportables
  • Seasonal Candles
  • Oil Warmers
  • Concentrated Room Sprays
  • Home Decor Items
  • Candle Accessories

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